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I've created an index for my youth activity ideas.  Many of 
which could be adapted and done for Activity Days.

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 Developing Talents
 Gospel Standards Activities and Helps
 Holiday and Special Occasion Ideas
 Learning and Living the Gospel
 Miscellaneous Ideas and Helps
 Modesty Activities
 Parent Activities (Mother/Daughter - Father/Daughter Activities)
 Preparing for Young Women
 Recognition Activity Ideas
 Serving Others
 Stake Activity Day Ideas
 Unity Activity Ideas
 Word of Wisdom Activity Ideas


 Activity Binder and files by Caitlin Luther
Activity Day Binder Cover by Tammy Griffin
Activity Day Binder Printables by Chrissy Lee
 Activity Day Binders by Cassie vonWeller
 Activity Day Binders by Kathleen Revoir
 Activity Day Ideas and Binders by Kathleen Revoir
 Cassie's Activity Day Binder Cover by Cassie vonWeller


 Activity Days Agenda by Cassie vonWeller
 Faith in God conducting sheet by Vicki Hall


 Article of Faith Activity Ideas


 Activity Day Roll Log by Cassie vonWeller


Faith in God Award for Girls by Cami Jones
Faith in God Certificates by Kristin Hollingsworth
 Faith in God Charm Bracelet by Mary Ann Clements


 Birthday Postcards by Sharlee Ritz
 Brownies in a Bottle by Shannon Allen
 Buy a fancy balloon and use the child's favorite candy as the weight.
 I give each girl a gift when they turn twelve and leave the program. It could easily be a birthday gift, as well. I buy an inexpensive small photo album. I have found great ones at Ross. They are just the kind the girls love...with faux fur and things like "princess' or "angel" on the front. They are about $3.99 each. You could probably find them at a dollar store as well. I make sure  I take lots of photos of our Activity Days activities. I get double prints or scan them and put photos of them in their books! It makes a nice keepsake of their Activity Days and their families love to see the activities we have done throughout the years. (Kath in California)
 I send them a homemade card for their birthdays and I try to acknowledge them at church the week of their birthday and tell them happy birthday.
 Party Popper Gift by Margie Woodruff
 We make a special tiny birthday cake for each girl when it's their birthday.  We write on it "Happy Birthday Emily" and they got to wear a little crown as they were the "princess for a day." The girls really looked forward to getting their very own little cake. (Mary Tingey)
 Marble Refrigerator Magnets - Check it out...easy to make and really cute!

CALENDAR(S) - Click here for blank and dated calendars

CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES - Here are some calendar schedules you have submitted:

 2009 Activity Day Schedule by Kristi Malcolm
 A years worth of activities by Rebecca Jones
 Activities for a year by Regina Slaugh
 Activity Day Ideas by Liz Lindsey
 Activity Day Ideas from the Friend Magazine by Tasha Reeves
 Calendar of Ideas by Kathleen Revoir
 We have a planning meeting every January where I've printed out various ideas in a big font and tape them around the room. Girls and parents are invited as are the incoming girls for the year. We write the calendar dates for our whole year on the chalkboard and allow the girls to take turns choosing activities they want to do - and placing them on our calendar. If they have an additional idea they can add that too. Depending on turnout - we allow the parents to choose activities too. We keep going until our year is completely planned. We take time to talk about activity days for the new girls and make sure we have everyone's contact information. The finalized calendar is passed out at our next meeting. We meet every other week throughout the year - so it's pretty regular to plan. (Idea shared by Sheridan Steffler / ga12162007)   


 Activity Days - Boys
 Activity Days - Girls
 Inactive Candy Bar Wrapper


 Activity Day Angel  
 Activity Day Clipart from Mormon Share


Faith in God FHE Ideas


 Faith in God Boys Planning Sheet by Diane Tamariki
 Faith in God Girls Planning Sheet by Diane Tamariki


 Lots more Get-to-know you games


 Activity Day Printable Cards by Johanna Wood
 Faith in God Bookmarks by Liz Otto
 Faith in God Schedule by Diane Tamariki


 I created a newsletter called the Activity Days Tribune! I send it out each month, sometimes twice and I send it to all the girls individually! I send it to the same house twice if I have to, if there are sisters. My girls love getting stuff in the mail. In the newsletter I include birthdays, upcoming events and activities, a spot light which centers on a different girl each newsletter and tells all about her, (likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite things, her family, etc.). THEY LOVE IT! It also has a spot for the parents that tells them about our activities and important things they should know. Like if the girls need to wear tennis shoes and not sandals. (Idea by Cassie vonWeller / ga07222008)


 Object Lessons related to the Activity Day Program


 Activity Days Code of Conduct
 Activity Day Printable Cards by Johanna Wood
 Faith in God Canvas Bag by Anne Ficklin
 Faith in God Iron On Transfer for Canvas Bag by Lynelle Klein
 Frequently Asked Questions by Lorena Brown  / ga12072006
 Getting the girls involved by Trish
 Helper Board by Cassie vonWeller
 How to be a great Activity Day Leader
 I write notes to my girls about once a month. Just something simple -- thanks for helping to clean up, I appreciate your kindness to a younger child, I noticed that you were sitting reverently at church, etc. If a girl has a birthday coming up, I'll write them a special birthday card and send it. They LOVE getting mail! (Credit Unknown)
 Official Name "Activity Days"
 Recognition Cards by Lorena Brown
 Sample Conducting Sheet
 Teaching and Expecting Appropriate Behavior - a series of interactive lessons will give you a wealth of ideas on how to teach and expect appropriate behavior.
 Using Faith in God with Activity Days
 WAGS the dog by Deborah Naves 
 Walk His Path by Rachel Rebarchik and Ken Jones
 Where to get ideas - Many of great ideas for activities can come from library books. Look for books on children's parties, or check the juvenile book section for various topics like crafts, activities, etc.  Just go and wander up and down the isles in a section that looks promising. Other great sources for ideas are "The Friend" Magazine.  It has lots of great ideas including games. Another good resource for ideas is the Girl Scout Handbook, which can be purchased at the local Girl Scout Council.


 Parental or Guardian Permission and Medical Release Forms


 Charming Gifts - A great place to get all sorts of charms for activity days and more!
 Faith in God board by Jaci Farstead
 Faith In God (Boys & Girls) Posters - Parents are anxious to help and encourage their children but most don't fully understand the program. Just click on the box that reads, "Primary Faith In God".  Posters are around $2.50 each.


 Faith in God Charm Bracelet by Mary Ann Clements


 I have enjoyed the following schedule with my Activity Day girls.  For most of the activities I schedule for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  When they arrive at my house I have them work on cross stitch or needlepoint projects for the first 10-15 minutes to allow all of the girls to get there.  We then say our opening prayer and work on memorizing one of the articles of faith for 5-10 minutes.  We then do our scheduled activity.  We then spend the last 5-10 minutes writing in our journals.  Shared by Jessica Williams  / ga09242007


 2009 Faith in God Sharing Time Ideas by Sarah Hunter
 2010 Faith in God Sharing Time Ideas by Sarah Hunter


 Faith in God Tracking Charts by Maggie Jones


 Fostering Faith in God by Colleen Menlove from July 2003 Ensign


 Activity Day Tracking Record by Wanda Walter
 Activity Day Requirements
 Computerized Tracking System
 Faith in God Achievement Record by Annie Col√≥n 
 Faith in God Chart for Girls by Valerie Gifford
 Faith in God Progress Sheets by Mary Ann Clements - for girls and boys
 Faith in God Project Commitment and Leader Forms by Angela Williams
 Faith in God Requirement Checklist for Girls and Boys by Becky Wright
 Faith in God Tracker by Wendy Clasen
 Faith in God Tracker for Boys by Wendy Clasen
 Faith in God Tracking Sheet by Angela Williams
 Faith in God Tracking Sheet by Mary Ann Clements 
 Faith in God Tracking Sheet for boys by Lana White
 Faith in God Tracking Sheets for boys and girls by Katy Burch 
Faith in GOd Tracking Sheets and Book Printable by Janferay McAnnalley
Faith in God Tracking Sheet for Scouts/Activity Days by Tiersa Ludlow
 Faith in God (Boys and Girls) Tracking Sheets
 Faith in God Tracking Sheet
 Two Faith in God Tracking Sheets by Natalie Malouf


 Using Music in Activity Days (Video segment - click on TV at top of page) - see an example of how using Primary songs in activity days reinforces gospel principles and generates unity.


 A bushel and a peck
 Activity Day Blog - LeAnn writes, "I have created a blog for our Primary Activity Nights... we have photos/descriptions of every activity and we have upcoming activities listed. It has been a great way for the 30 girls/parents to keep informed!! We take pictures of the girls that stay to help clean up... and we always have an on-time drawing, so we started to take pictures of that as well!!
 Activity Day Ideas
Activity Day Ideas Blog
 Faith in God Ideas
 Faith in God - Primary
 Holly's Corner
 LDS Activity Day Ideas Blog
 LDS Activity Days
 Wendy's Activities


 "Introduction to the Faith in God Program" letter by Kim Ramey
 To welcome new girls coming into Activity Days with me I deliver a plain notebook (which I buy when they are on sale for 10 cents each) to them on their birthday.  I have a note taped to the front to welcome them to my Activity Day group and ask them to please have the front decorated by the time they come to our first scheduled Activity Day.  We then use the notebooks for journals.  (by Jessica Williams / ga09253007)
 Welcome Cans - An idea that I have, for welcoming new girls is to visit their house when they turn eight. I am making cans (soup or vegetable) that are covered really cute with embellishments and paper. I am tying the cans to helium balloons and filling them with a few treats, a scripture pencil, Articles of Faith bookmark, birthday card and the faith in God booklet. This is a happy birthday and welcome to activity days all in one! (Idea by Darlene)
 Welcome to the Activity Day Program! - they might feel more welcomed if something special is done just for them.  A cute basket or packet made for her might be just the thing.  Line basket with a cute fabric and add (Idea taken from Women's Conference):

- Activity Days booklet
- Upcoming Activity Days events
- Leaders names and phone numbers
- Welcoming letter from leader
- Scripture stickers. A lot of girls get new scriptures for their eighth birthday - they might be a fun new thing
- Favorite candy of new girl
- Small gift and letter from parent (may be a miniature Primary Song or Hymn Book)
- Article of Faith card


 Faith in God Activity Day Yahoo Group
 LDS Activity Day Yahoo Group

Comments (34)
  • Anonymous

    :-| are there any worksheets to help the girls get their requirements checked off!!???

  • Anonymous

    :D All of these ideas and materials have been a HUGE help! It's helped me to get started in this calling and will help me throughout the year! Thank you to all of you who have shared all your great ideas and talents! We're going to have a lot of fun learning about the gospel!

  • Anonymous

    How do you keep the kids from losing thier books all the time? It's frustrating that I can't seem to track who has what checked off because they never keep their books.

  • anonymous

    I ran into the same problem so I got booklets for all the girls and also got some for me for each girl. So could keep track as well.

  • Kara Manning  - Activity Day Leader

    We ask the girls to keep their book in their scriptures, which makes it much harder to lose. I also keep a tracking chart which I update weekly as far as what we pass off at our activities so I know at a glance what they need to work on.

  • Anonymous
    How do you keep the kids from losing thier books all the time? It's frustrating that I can't seem to track who has what checked off because they never keep their books.

    I keep their books with me at all times. It may help to do that and make copies of goals they may be working on that month and send the copies home with them instead.

  • Anonymous

    I'm trying to find a lesson on the benefits of choosing uplifting books and movies. Can anyone direct me to something Activity Day oriented? Thanks a Bunch!

  • Anonymous

    We are planning an activity called the "Mormon Book Club". We are asking the girls to read a book that is church approved and then we are going to have each girl report out on the book to the other girls. We want them to get excited about finding good books to read. I like the idea of movies too. Maybe we will change it to the "Mormon Movie & Book Club".

  • Lynette
    How do you keep the kids from losing thier books all the time? It's frustrating that I can't seem to track who has what checked off because they never keep their books.

    We have the girls bring their scriptures to every activity and the Faith in God booklet fits in the scriptures case. The girls should be able to bring their booklets home with them, because they are encouraged to work on the goals at home. We simply have a tracking sheet for each girl, so if they lose their books, we have a record of what they've done.

  • Sharlene Goodliffe  - Activity Day Log

    This is my second time around as Activity Day Leader, which means I have worked with the Faith in God Book for about 6 years now. I finally gave up on marking the books at Activity Days. I have a different system. I have a chart that has three columns (one for each area). Every time we have an activity, I write the date and a 1- to 2-sentence summary of what the activity involved (in the appropriate column). I periodically email this chart out to the parents, and they can easily mark off their child's books with them. It is also easy for the girls to get a one- to two-page view of everything we have done over the past year. They can easily highlight the activities they attended and count how many they have done that year. It is also easier for me to see if I've balanced the activities appropriately. If there is a girl with a parent who is less-involved, I can meet with the girl and in 5 minutes know what she has done that year and mark her book appropriately.

  • Nicole
    How do you keep the kids from losing thier books all the time? It's frustrating that I can't seem to track who has what checked off because they never keep their books.

    I made the girls simple bags, just large enough for their books. The handles are made of ribbon and I told them to hang them on their bedroom door (on the inside). The girls decorated their own to make it personal. Never a lost book with 22 girls!

  • Birgitta Evans

    My Activity Girls want to do a play out of the Book of Mormon, which will be Nephi and his brothers returning to Jerusalem for the brass plates.
    Did anybody do this yet, if yes, does anyone already have a ready, go script, they would like to share with us, or something we can start with?

  • Lani

    Does anyone know how to order the GAD (Girls Activity Day)booklet - there use to be a pamplet for the leaders and I am unable to located it anywhere, it isn't on the Church Material Order Form. Do we still use it or do we just go from the FIG booklet?

  • Jessica

    Does anyone have a template to make activity day announcements? I like to give a little hand out to the girls on Sunday and I cant seem to find anything. thanks.

  • connie

    The girls get the books today, becaus is the first time i don't have any comments

  • Arahi Taylor

    I would like some ideas of what other primary leaders do to recognise those children who have fulfilled all their Faith in God requirements.

  • Lauri Smith

    To Arahi Taylor: I am the Primary President in my ward. When a child finishes their Faith in God book I present them with a certificate in Primary than I print off from The Idea Door and I give them a Hersheys Chocolate bar with a card on top telling them thanks for raising the bar and being a good example, etc.

  • leprieur

    :lol: I am president of a primary and I only have 3 children baptized and then 2 so that it is faith in God, but only one is active, does anyone can help me find ideas for activities for little children because I have a lot of activity, but I have several children and I did not ...

  • Lori Guzman

    I am a New Leader and I don't know were to go to find the lessons for activity days. Is there somewhere I can go. :cry:

  • Kristy Auten

    The Articles of faith bracelet in Nov. Friend page 18 can be purchased from Great way to reward the primary kids for the articles of faith.

  • milo

    does anyone knows where I can print or get some certificate for my fig award nite,thanks if u respond :)

  • milo
    I am a New Leader and I don't know were to go to find the lessons for activity days. Is there somewhere I can go. :cry:

    awww well Lori the faith in God book is your to go book u pick one activity fr the book and u and the girls can work on it,thats wat I do,we meet twice a month so the 2nd week we use the book and the 4th week we do a fun activity like crafting srap booking cooking playing sports and so forth,hope that helps. :)good luck

  • milo
    I would like some ideas of what other primary leaders do to recognise those children who have fulfilled all their Faith in God requirements.

    have a potluck dinner nothing major just a lite dinner with the mom and the girls and present each girl with a certificate of their accomplishment.good luck hope that helps.

  • milo
    Does anyone know how to order the GAD (Girls Activity Day)booklet - there use to be a pamplet for the leaders and I am unable to located it anywhere, it isn't on the Church Material Order Form. Do we still use it or do we just go from the FIG booklet?

    yes u just go with the FIG book and have fun with it :)

  • milo
    :-| are there any worksheets to help the girls get their requirements checked off!!???

    yes go on ( will find everything there good luck

  • jessasaurus

    Is there no longer a necklace awarded to the girls who complete all the requirements? My daughter completed these all on her own because the primary offered little support in our ward, and she has yet to get the necklace.

  • Steph  - Intro to YW

    I am the leader of the oldest group of Activity Day girls who are going to move into the Young Women program starting next month. We want to do an activity to introduce the YW program to them. I have spoken to the YW President but don't know what to do next. Anybody got any ideas?

  • MadelynFLETCHER27  - answer

    Different people in all countries get the personal loans in various creditors, just because this is simple and comfortable.

  • Vera  - Class sharing time


    I teach CTR 7 & my class's turn for sharing time is in a couple weeks. :s Do you have any ideas for me & my primary kids?


  • Jeannette  - Stake Activity Day

    Any ideas for a once-a-year stake wide Activity Day for the 8-11 year old girls?

  • Susan  - Activity Day Program Page

    I wanted to print out your Activity Day Program page, but when I click on your printer icon and I review what it is going to print I notice that the text becomes all messed up as you scroll down the page and is unreadable. Is there any way for you to fix that?

  • Anonymous

    i cant print any thing it wont let me :)

  • Amy Brown  - submit an idea

    How do I submit an idea I did for activity days?

  • Jeanette  - Faith in God Study Guide

    I found these really amazing study guides that walk the kids through the program step by step. I didn't make them or am I affiliated -they are just awesome and I thought I would put it out here!! Here is a link to a blog post about them, you can buy them on amazon! 05/faith-in-god-study-journals-giveaway.html

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