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OBJECTIVE - Each young woman will understand and appreciate the responsibilities of her bishop.

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As a follow up to your lesson, the following activity week (as a class activity or as a mutual activity) go to the bishop's house (and counselors if possible) and have the girls ask the bishop if there is any chores he would let them do.  Or you could secretly wash the bishopric's cars.  After you wash them, put a note under their wiper that says: "Because of your faithfulness in serving in our ward, you will be blessed to "see" more clearly. Thanks for serving so lovingly."
We had a great activity a couple of weeks ago. We had the Bishop's favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake, and the girls sat around and asked him questions. We also made a small poster with all (well most) of the girls' pictures on it and then they signed it around the border. Our Bishop loves basketball so I bought a $5 basketball and all the girls signed it. We blindfolded him and had him sit in a chair in the gym and then the girls ran in dribbling the basketball and screaming. It was kind of corny, but everyone seemed to love it. I cut the questions into strips and this gave them something to get them started. Several had questions of their own. (Joanne Perry)


You could buy several candy bars and have the girls write a thank you notes to the bishop.

Thank you bishop! (green)
Thank you bishop! (pink)
Thank you bishop! (purple)


 Appreciating the bishop by Kassie Garlock
 Appreciating the bishop by Shanna Vineyard
 Bishop Coupon by Cheri
 Conversations with a friend by Daisie Dance
 Dear bishop.... by Mibi Harp
 Latter-Day Chatter
 Thank you bishop! by Janae Campbell


 Kelly writes, "Mibi made a cute card with "Bishop" spelled out.  I live in Puerto Rico and so did a Spanish version with the word "Obispo."  Thank you for this great idea!"  CLICK HERE for the Spanish file (2 handouts per page).


I am going to bring a back pack and have a girl put it on. Then I will pass out rocks to each girl, maybe 2 to each girl, and as they are saying a responsibility of the bishop they are going to put it into the back pack. Pretty soon the pack will be heavy. Then I will ask them how and who can help the bishop to lighten his load. Then I will have 2 girls come up on each side and help hold up the pack. These two girl represent the two counselors. Then I might talk about the other people who help lighten the load like teachers, ward clerk, etc. and take out the rocks but still leave some in because the bishop has a lot to do that no one else can and we just have to be understanding and try to help him the best we can. (Credit Unknown)
What are the responsibilities of a bishop??


Something I did for a visual for supporting the priesthood years ago was to bring in the game Kerplunk and I made up strips of sayings that you would hear in a ward. Like.....I hate when... I wish they would....Can you believe that he would......I just love when they.... I really like when..... Sure I will do that..... Yes I can drive....I can go and work at the DI.....I can go to the ward assignment...... Then I had the girls pull out a stick if they had a negative comment or try and put one in, and not pull one out if they had a positive comment. I had more negative comments. So that the marbles all fell out. I explained to the girls that when you are negative you are not supporting the Bishop or Priesthood. It makes their loads heavy. If they will look for the good in what they see in the priesthood it supports the Bishop like these sticks support the marbles. But each little comment can weaken his net. We each matter in supporting the priesthood.  (Idea by Jolene / ga03202007)


Bishop Appreciation Ideas
Bishop Candy Gram - After the lesson I am going to provide small bright colored squares of paper and ask each girl to write some messages of thanks to the Bishop & I will have them glue those around the outside edge of the poster as a confetti looking border. (Idea by Jenna)
Bishop's Treat Bag


 Personal Progress Handouts for Manual 2 by Whit Larson

RESOURCE GUIDE: (Click here to access Manual 2 Resource Guide)

 Discussion Questions -

- What is the role of my bishop or branch president in my life?
- Why is it important that I have a good relationship with my bishop or branch president?
- When and how can the bishop or branch president help me with the repentance process?

 Additional Resources -

- Henry B. Eyring, "Your Friend the Bishop," New Era, Oct. 2002, 10–13.  "Memories of interviews long ago with my bishop still guide me. He tried hard to teach me all that he had been taught about the priesthood. When I had a last interview with him, years later, I realized that conversations with my bishop had become conversations with a friend. I hope that happens to you, too" (p. 13).
- For the Strength of Youth (pamphlet 2001), 26–27, 34–35
- Doctrine and Covenants 46:27; 58:17; 107:15, 6


- Discuss the importance and significance of annual interviews with the bishop or branch president. Encourage all young women to attend these interviews.
- During a midweek activity, invite each young woman to write a note of appreciation for her bishop or branch president and his family. 


 "How to Sustain Your Bishop," Ensign, Mar. 1994, 23
The Mantle of a Bishop by Robert D. Hales 

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