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OBJECTIVE - Each young woman will seek to
improve communication within her family.

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alt (Idea by Lynette Milne) - When I gave this lesson about 10 years ago, We started off by putting everyone in two's and have them facing each other.  Then I gave one of the girls in each pair a slip of paper with a topic on it such as...."Tell about your best birthday ever!" or "Tell about your best vacation ever!" or "Tell about why you love school so much!"  If you are doing the Laurels you could have written down what their best date ever was, etc.  Then when the minute was up I had the other person repeat everything they could remember to the girl in 1 minute. Then we discussed how much they got correct or forgot. You can then repeat it with the other girl talking and the other one listening.  The girls love this because they love to talk about themselves and also they were shocked at how much is not heard or understood. Then you can go right into the lesson. 


alt Twenty One - For team members to problem-solve and to communicate non-verbally with one another during an activity.


alt Bag Topper (opens in Microsoft Publisher) by Emily Hoge / ga02122007
alt Communication Handout
alt Communication Handout by Allison Marcroft (2 pages)
alt Communications Handout by Becky
alt Conversation Jars - Create mealtime conversation questions based on - "Mealtime, Family Time," Ensign, Sept. 1998, 22.
alt Designs By Kassie
alt Keep your words soft and sweet in case you need to eat them by Wendee Nelson
alt Mom and me time by Daisie Dance
alt Using "I" Messages by Kelly Aley
alt Ways to improve communication (doorhanger) by Janae Campbell 
alt Ways to improve communication in the family by Shanna Vineyard


alt Have a guest speaker teach good communication skills. Allow the girls to practice good and bad forms of communication. Talk about the effects as a group.
alt Karolynn Christiansen's Lesson Helps (Handouts and more!)
alt Notes: "A Great Way to Communicate" (FHE Resource Book, Family Activities, Notes: A Great Way to Communicate, 265)


alt Use the following to illustrate that communicating is something that needs to be practiced and is a skill.  First draw a simple picture of something on paper.  Then have the girls stand in a line.  Starting at the back of the line, show the last girl in line the picture you drew.  Have her draw the picture she saw on the back of the girl in front of her.  Each girl does the same until it reaches the last person, who will then be asked to draw on the chalkboard what she felt traced on her back.  Bring up the point that when we communicate so much of what is communicated is not spoken.  Sometimes those signs can be misunderstood.  It is important we learn how to be effective when communicating.
alt My counselor gave this lesson today and it was really, really good.  She handed each of us a blank piece of paper and had us write a complete sentence. Mine was ~ The boy jumped over the moon.  Then we passed that sheet of paper to the person on our right and they illustrated our sentence.  Then they folded over the sentence "the boy jumped over the moon" so that just their picture was showing and passed it to their right.  Then that person had to write as sentence describing what they thought that picture was saying.  And then we opened them up and returned them to the original person. It was a very effective object lesson, and the girls really enjoyed it. (Shared by Angela Paladeni / ga02262007)


alt Personal Progress Handouts for Manual 2 by Whit Larson

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