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alt Away in a manger (flipchart) by Laurie Phelps - There are 12 pages in this flipchart.

alt Flipchart from JollyJenn

Comments (5)
  • sarah

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to teach singing time tomorrow, and you saved me HOURS of work!! High Five!

  • kickin_kimmers

    I love the JollyJenn version but there aren't enough "Asleeps" on the chorus pages. I will have to do those pages myself so I can add in the appropriate number. Thank you for making it!

  • kickin_kimmers

    Ah! I finally figured out how the JollyJenn chorus pages work (one page is the "echoes";). I still think it's a little confusing though. I will probably just remake the pages anyway. :) Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    You did a good job with the pictures for this song. thanks for your work.

  • kendell

    Thank you for sharing this flip book it is really appreciated

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