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PURPOSE OF THIS LESSON - To help the children understand that the gospel of Jesus Christ is eternal and is based on truths that will help us gain exaltation.

1. Primary 6 Lesson Cards by Letitia Drabsch - Handout Idea

2. Draw stick figures of Adam and Eve on the chalkboard and label them.  Tell the class that Adam and Eve had many children.  Adam and Eve taught their children the gospel and loved the Lord.  Their children then got married and had more children.  Draw more and more people on the board.  Help them understand that we should love Adam and Eve because they were the first father and mother on the earth.  Explain that all of the people on the earth are part of Adam and Eve's family.  Have each class member draw a picture of themself on the chalkboard, at the very bottom, to show that he/she is part of Adam and Eve's family.

3. Adam and Eve were the first family. Write the following scripture references on the outside of six envelopes, one reference per envelope: Moses 3:24; Moses 5:1; Moses 5:2; Moses 5:4; Moses 5:5; Moses 5:12. Prepare these six wordstrips in large letters: marriage, work together, have children, pray, obey commandments, teach children. Cut the letters apart, paper clip each word together, and put them inside the corresponding envelope. Find pictures of families that illustrate each wordstrip.  Display GAK 119 (Adam and Eve Teaching Their Children). Briefly tell the story of Adam and Eve, emphasizing that through them Heavenly Father’s pattern of families was established. Divide the children into six groups, and give each group an envelope. Have the children read the scripture, unscramble the letters, and glue or tape them on a wordstrip. Beginning with Moses 3:24 and going in order, have each group show their wordstrip and choose a matching picture. Post the pictures around the picture of Adam and Eve. Explain that Adam and Eve taught the gospel to their children and that the family is the best place to learn and live the gospel. (Taken from the February 2009 Friend Magazine)

4. Primary 6 Jeopardy Review by Marilee Bergstrom

5. Sing “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” (p. 177).

6. Adam and Eve Scripture Card - Handout and memorization challenge

7. Adam and Eve Lived the Gospel (Power Point Presentation) by Ericka Covalt

8. Adam and Eve Lived the Gospel by Ericka Covalt / David Hill (Power Point Presentation)

9. Adam and Even Lived teh Gospel (Power Point Presentation) by Jodie Jones

10. Primary 6 Passport Booklet by Melanie Day

11. Chicken Scratch n' Sniff

12. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson

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