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by Amy Todd / ga10022009

We recently held a Personal Progress Midnight Madness Party and I wanted to share what we did that night!  We decided to do it during the summer so that we could go to midnight, although we finished at 10:30 P.M.

The night started with pizza, pink and purple soda, and all sorts of “P” treats like pretzels and peanut M&M’s.

We told the girls ahead of time that there would be a prize given to the person with the most “P” things/clothes.  They went wild with that – the winner had 18 “P” things on!

Then I divided them into small groups based on the value experiences that they needed to work on.  We only worked on the experiences they could finish that night (looking up scriptures and discussing their meanings, etc.).   We rotated as needed, most of the girls finished 4 value experiences.

After an hour we took a break and did a driving game where you flip a coin at every stop sign or signal (heads turn right, tails turn left).  Our goal was to get to the church building (a temple would be even better).  After 20 minutes they turned around and came back to the house.  I handed out the following quote with a penny taped to it: 

“You need to plan and map out your plans to get to the temple.  You can’t just leave it to the whims and fate of life.  If you don’t know where you are going and how to get there, it’s like the flip of a coin and leaving it to chance.  You can’t wait until you are at a crossroads to make a decision.  The decision needs to be made ahead of time so you know which way to turn.”

We discussed this for a while (I counted it as a Choice & Accountability value experience).

After that we put together a FHE lesson on testimonies and if they give the lesson to someone they get credit for it as well (there are several value experiences that it can fall under).

We ended with dessert around 10:30 and drove the girls home.  It was a really successful and fun night!  I hope this inspires someone else!

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