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by Erin Woodward / ga09232009

Isn't it fabulous???  I asked Erin if she wouldn't mind me featuring it on my site?  I just KNOW you will love learning how she made this!  (You should also check out her blog...she is one creative gal --------> click here).

She writes, "Yesterday was my daughter's third birthday. This play kitchen was what I made for her. She calls it her "chicken", meaning kitchen.  This is how I turned an entertainment center into a play kitchen -

1. Took the doors and the back off and removed center wall/support.

2. Re-enforced the unit with some 1x2's and 2X2's and plywood for the back.

3. Cut the hole for the sink.

4. Cut the hole for the window in the oven door.

6. Added filler pieces under sink and beside oven.

7. Drilled holes for stove and oven knobs.

8. Replaced decorative piece on bottom because it was ug-ly!

9. Used wood filler in grooves on dishwasher door for same reason as #8.

10. Cut and painted trim for window

11. Primed entire kitchen

12. Painted the blue sections of kitchen

13. Painted stove and oven and doors for oven and dishwasher with "Aluminum" spray paint.

14. Painted counter and back splash area a glossy white.

15. Spray painted yogurt and formula lids for stove burners black.

16. Put it all together - glued on window picture (thanks mom and dad for the print!), installed window trim, installed sink, attached knobs and burners, attached hardware to doors and installed doors (hinges added to the bottom and magnetic closures on top so doors open the same way ovens and dishwashers do), attached pot rack.

17. Sewed and installed curtains.

I still need to caulk and touch-up paint the window.

This was such a fun project for me. It was a big one! It was the first time I have used power tools (like the table saw) on my own. The first day I worked on it (taking it apart and reinforcing the structure) I was lucky enough to have my mom visiting. She has been building/creating all my life. If she wants to make something and doesn't know how, then she teaches herself or makes it up as she goes. She is a great inspiration to me! Surprisingly, this was the first time we have worked on a project together. It was a great experience!

The total cost was approximately $65. The entertainment center was $20- craigslist. The sink and faucet $15, knobs $4 and blue paint $4- all from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I tried to use things we already owned- handles, fabric, pot rack, window trim. About another $25 for plywood, magnetic closures, spray paint, nuts, bolts, washers, plexiglass etc.

It's been a huge hit! The girl loves her new kitchen. My six year old boy thinks it's great fun too.

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