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by Melinda Beachell / ga09222009

Melinda writes, "I know you have a few personal progress posters on sugardoodle but this one my friend made is super creative...  In our ward we are always looking for ways to motivate the YW to work on personal progress. Our personal progress specialist (Traci) came up with this fun jeweled poster. What girl doesn't love jewels! 

We had Traci speak at a Personal Progress Fireside. She introduced our new poster and also our new reward system for the girls that complete an experience / project. She filled up 8 different bins with items from the Dollar store. Each bin represents one of the values and had only items of that color in it. Such as the Faith bin only has white items. When a girl finishes a Faith experience she gets to choose an item from that bin. There is some good stuff in those bins!! The girls loved this new idea."


Thanks Melinda and Traci for sharing the idea.  How fun!! 

 To read more about their Personal Progress Fireside, click here.
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