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by Cara Webber / ga08152009

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Cara writes, "Here's what we did to teach the children the Latter-Day Prophets song and also learn a little bit about each prophet.  I got the packet of pictures from the Distribution Center of the Latter-Day Prophets.  I laid them out in order and then taped them together into an "accordion".  I also collected a bunch of stories about the prophets (using the book Boys Who Became Prophets by Lynda Cory Robison) and printed out a couple clipart images that corresonded to the stories from each prophet. 

For example, John Taylor's two clipart images are a pocket watch and a picture of the Primary.  Then, each Sunday at the beginning of singing time, I'd tell the children about a couple of the prophets.  I read the stories, show the picture, and then attach the two corresponding cliparts right to the picture (at the bottom), and, of course, sing that part of the song.  After a couple months, we'd learned the whole song (thus opening up the full accordion).  Everytime we close the accordian after we had finished learning the song, we'd do a quick review of some or all of the prophet's names and what we remember them for (for example, I ask "who is this?" and they tell me "John Taylor" and then I remind them "he was the prophet who was saved by a pocketwatch!")  Hopefully others can use this too.  The children have just loved it!  Thanks!"

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