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by Melanie Day

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This file can be edited to be used for YW, Relief Society, Primary, Sunday School, etc.

Comments (14)
  • Kathy Tait

    Kathy, you can go to
    and click on Relief Society, and find this attendance roll, and save it and fill in in with names and the months you want.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much!!! I just was called as the YW secretary and I needed a roll for the class secretaries to fill out!! This is awesome!!!!

  • Becky Stephens

    Any suggestions on a folder to put each classroom role in for sundays? We put it in a pocket folder with the pencil in where the business card goes but it gets messy with the lead and takes up too much room with so many classes.
    Thank you.

  • Shyloh Belnap

    I got the folders that have pockets and prongs and bought the cheaper pencil holders with zippers that go into binders. It works great!

  • Mandy

    We have a sheet protector that has the attendance sheet inside of it and then on the other side, we have a paper that is the 5 minute reminder. I (the secretary) deliver the role to the classroom 5 minutes before they are to go to sharing time. You can slide a pencil into the sheet protector if you would like but all of our teachers already have a pencil so that isn't necessary for us. We also put any announcements into this sheet protector each Sunday as well.

  • Tiersa Ludlow

    Thanks Melanie! Sugardoodle ALWAYS has just what I need!

  • Suzanne

    Thanks so much...This will save me so much time....This is one great site!

  • Lorraine Wallace

    I was Lorraine Day...any chance we are related? Portuguese connection?

  • Marcela Munoz

    Excellent help, thank you so much

  • Sariah Crafts

    Your ward clerk can print you off pre made attendance sheets in his office every quarter. They are automatically updated with new and old members

  • Marling ROnquillo

    Thank you so much!!!! B)

  • Pam  - thanks

    I just have to take a second to send you a huge thanks for all of your work and dedication to this amazing website. I can't tell you the number of times I have gone here for help. I just type in what I need and boom, it shows up on YOUR website! Some of us have no talent whatsoever in these kinds of things so thank YOU for helping us. In all of my previous calling :whistle: s, I always come here first. You are an answer to many of our prayers, bless you....Pam

  • Leticia B  - Attendance Roll

    [/color Thanks! this roll will be very helpful for me. I was just called a President, and so far we are only President and 2nd. counselor. I totally forgot about the attendance! Now we will take turns taking assistance.

    Leticia B

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