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OBJECTIVE - Each young woman will understand
how a patriarchal blessing can guide her life.

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 Have you found out yet what Heavenly Father has to say to you?
 Write your own blessing by Carlos E. Asay


 A personal road map by Shanna VIneyard
 Latter-Day Chatter
 Patriarchal Blessings Handout by Tiersa Ludlow
 Personalizing your patriarchal blessing by Melanie Day
 Preparing for my patriarchal blessing by Janae Campbell
 Which way should I go? by Priscilla Westover


Excerpt about Patriarchal Blessings
Gaining strength through Patriarchal Blessings
Patriarchal Blessings from Bella Online
When should I get my patriarchal blessing?


A recipe for life - A patriarchal blessing is just like baking bread...
A treasure map
Letter from Home
We had a  lesson last week in YW's about patriarchal blessings and our MiaMaid Advisor taught it. She brought an empty laundry basket and started the lesson with all the girls putting both shoes into the basket and then one by one with eyes closed had them pull out two shoes to wear for the rest of the lesson time. It was awesome. All the girls had different shoes, some that didn't fit, some had two lefts or two rights, sandals with pumps, heels on one and flat on the other. It was such a great way to start the lesson. That patriarchal blessings are unique to each of us. Just like the shoes that didn't fit, you understand that your blessing is just for you and it "fits" just you. It was a great way to start it out and the girls loved it. (Idea by Amber Crowley / ga04142007)


 Personal Progress Handouts for Manual 2 by Whit Larson

RESOURCE GUIDE: (Click here to access Manual 2 Resource Guide)

 Discussion Questions -

- Why would the Lord want me to have a patriarchal blessing?
- How can I better understand and participate in the fulfillment of my blessing?
- When and with whom is it appropriate for me to share my patriarchal blessing? (see True to the Faith [2004], 113)

 Additional Resources -

- Thomas S. Monson, "Be Thou an Example," Ensign and Liahona, May 2005, 112–15. "Help can come to you from many sources. One is your patriarchal blessing. Such a blessing contains chapters from your book of eternal possibilities. Read your blessing frequently. Study it carefully. Be guided by its cautions. Live to merit its promises" (p. 114).
- Julie B. Beck, "You Have a Noble Birthright," Ensign, May 2006, 106–8
- "About Patriarchal Blessings," New Era, Mar. 2004, 32–35

 Experiences -

- Personal Progress: Individual Worth value experience 6


Gordon B. Hinckley's Patriarchal Blessing - The year Gordon turned eleven, he received his patriarchal blessing. Despite his health problems and small size, he was told, in part, “Thou shalt grow to the full stature of manhood and shall become a mighty and valiant leader in the midst of Israel. . . . The nations of the earth shall hear thy voice and be brought to a knowledge of the truth.” At the time, he thought that meant he would be a missionary. (Lynda Cory Robinson, Boys Who Became Prophets, [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1998], p. 90.)


Patriarchal Blessings Quiz - 10 True/False Questions




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  • sher

    Sorry, wanted to post this with the Patriarchal Blessings quiz, but couldn't get it to post.
    Question #3 on the test may not be the best to include in this quiz. Explaining this could take an entire lesson itself and would distract from the objective of the lesson which is, "Each young woman will understand how a patriarchal blessing can guide her life." Try changing question 3 to something like, "One of the main purposes of a Patriarchal Blessing is to tell us what our lineage is." (T)

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