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Don't <SNICKER>, but we think you're great. We are grateful that you are so willing to help the members of our ward who sometimes find themselves in a <CRUNCH>. You always give an <EXTRA (gum)> effort and show us how much you <dental CARE gum>.
We sometimes look up at the <MILKY WAY> and <M & M> (MUSE AND MEDITATE) "Who Am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?" We are <SKOR-ING> lots of knowledge as we meet with you in our personal interviews and we <star-BURST> with happiness as we learn we are Daughters of a Loving Heavenly Father.
There are so many choices and we sometimes wonder <TWIX> way to turn. We love listening to your talks and the testimony you bear...We are starting to realize what a <LIFESAVER> reading the scriptures can be; and what <almond JOY> obeying the commandments can bring. We are also learning that the reward of eternal life is far greater than any earthly <PAY DAY> could ever be. We think you are such a <SMARTIE's> and we are learning <MOUNDS> from your example.
We each agree that you’re worth more than <100 GRAND> and we want to thank the <3 MUSKETEERS> of our bishopric for making our ward run smooth!!
With many <Hugs & Kisses> from the <NUTRAGEOUS> _________ Ward Beehives/MiaMaids/Laurels/Young Women...etc....
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