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by Jennifer Johnson / ga07082009

Here is what we are doing for birthdays in our Primary this year.  The children get to pick a "candle" as their birthday gift from the Primary.

STEP 1 - Plug in your hot glue gun and make sure to have extra hot glue sticks nearby.

STEP 2 - Here is a visual picture of the 3 different sizes of Styrofoam discs you could purchase.

STEP 3 - Take the largest Styrofoam discs and glue the two together. For example if you are using discs with a diameter of 6, 9, and 12, glue the two 12 inch diameter disc together.

STEP 4 - Now glue the middle size discs together.

STEP 5 - Finally glue the smallest diameter discs together. Allow the glue to cool completely between all 3 of the discs you've put together before you proceed.

STEP 6 - Once the glue is hardened so the discs won't shift, it's time to glue the ruffled bulletin board border onto each layer of the cake. The border represents the frosting on the cake. So the border will be taller than the 2 glued discs.

STEP 7 - Put the border on by lining up the flat edge of the border to the bottom of the side of the Styrofoam discs.

STEP 8 - After each group of discs have their sides covered with the border you can glue the 3 discs on top of each other in order of biggest on the bottom, smallest on the top. Be sure to line up the spot where the border connects on all 3 disc. This way the front of your cake won't have any of the lines where the border connected.

STEP 9 - Now that your cake is made. Take the permanent marker and write "Happy Birthday" on the front of the cake.

STEP 10 - The final step is to put on the "candles". Oriental Trading has a wide selection of pens, crayons, and pencils to choose from for your "candles". Space your candles out proportionally on each layer of the cake.

(Top aerial view of the cake)
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