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by Chauntel Wirrick / ga07032009

In our Primary, we had grown a little tired of giving the children a reward for every little thing they did. I often felt that the focus was on the reward rather than on the good behavior, so we decided to find another way to recognize the children for bringing their scriptures. Each Sunday in Opening Exercises we ask all of the children, "Who has scripture power today?"

All of the children who have brought their scriptures hold them up at once (so as not to draw attention to those who forgot). We have a little sheet at the front where we mark off the classes where ALL of the children have brought their scriptures to Primary. These classes get a special door-hanger hung on their doorknob during class time in recognition of their efforts.

We explained to the children that this is a team effort, which has really helped them to remind and encourage each other to bring their scriptures or borrow a set from the library. There is one stipulation, which is that they have to have their scriptures before coming into the Primary room (that way we don't have herds of children coming and going to get scriptures from the library). Another thing that has helped is when we have a member of the presidency standing by the door holding a set of scriptures as she greets the children...  And simply saying "Thank you for bringing your scriptures today," to the who have brought their scriptures goes a long way as well. Smile
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