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 Poem (by Shirley Thomas) to attach to your sundaes.  I got poem from
This very special sundae,
will leave you feeling great.
It's chock full of good things,
even though it can't be ate.
Take it in the bath with you.
Of course don't take a sip,
cause it may look delicious, 
but it's made to take a dip.

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I just wanted to let you all know that I just put one sundae together.  It came out sooo adorable!!!  I just made the handout tag to go with it, too and the clip art looks just like the float.

This is what I did.  I went and bought kosher salt at Wal-Mart for .88 cents for 3 lbs.  I bought 3 boxes (make sure it is kosher, it is nice an pure white).  I also bought baking soda at Wal-Mart.  I used armor hammer and they have the large boxes 2 for $1.  I was strolling through the bath center at Wal-Mart and found bath beads by Vaseline (brand name) They had a 24oz. box for $1.90.  I bought 25 boxes.  Total the bill came to 54 dollars and counting the $20 for the bath sponges which I got 6 for $1 at dollar tree, and the bath beads for the cherry on top, I got 10 bath beads for $1.  My only problem there, was I couldn't find RED!!! I settled for pink, but I will travel to the next town and see if they have red beads and just exchange.

Soooo, I poured 2 boxes of baking soda and 2 boxes of the salts and opened 12 boxes of the bath beads and mixed it in a large plastic tub.  I think I over bought so, I can return the unused $1.90 boxes.  I wont know for sure, until I start making them. 

I picked up the donated sundae cups from Dairy queen that saved us $35 because at a paper supply store I found the parfait cups.  A package of 20 for $7.  At dairy queen the peanut butter parfait cups are what you want to use.

On the back of the bath bead box, it says you need to use 1/2 cup.  I tried this in my own bath and it is plenty and leaves the water amazingly soft and wonderful!!! You will feel sooo soft!!!  So, I tried my mixture out and was quite pleased with it too, If I had to worry about cost, I could even thin it out more.  But for 85 gifts and coming in at $75, that is a cute fun great gift for less than a dollar!!

Anyway, the bath beads in a box is already colored a light pink shimmery dust sooo, I didn't have to worry about adding scented oil or food coloring.  REMEMBER this is a bath salt and beads, not a BUBBLE BATH!!! If I had more time, I would look for powdered bubble bath and cut it in half with the bubble bath because I LOVE LOVE LOVE foam in my bath!! but, this left my body feeling sooo good that I was ok, without bubbles.

NOW,  I used a little more than a half a cup in each parfait cup because it needed it to look good.  So, I used about 3/4 cup of the mixture and then put the bath sponge on top for whip cream and glued a pink bead to the top and stuck a sipping straw down the side and oooohhh my gosh!!!
NOTE - If you don't want to make the bath salts like she did, you can purchase these pre-made even at places like Wal-mart, Target, dollar store, etc. Then just pour them in and then top with the sponge and bath bead for cherry.

Emily writes, "I just wanted to let you know that I got the bath salt sundae idea off of your web site, and I loved it.  I actually made them for the Mother's Day gift for our ward this year.  Every mother got handed one of these after sacrament meeting on Mothers Day and they all loved it.  So many women are trying to eat healthier and so they appreciated not being handed food that they would just end up giving to their children or husband anyway!"  (by Emily Carter of Desert View Ward, Las Vegas Nevada / ga06172009)

(ga11102010)  Hannah Carlson writes, "My Activity Day girls are making these for their mom's.  I couldn't find bath beads for the cherry on top ANYWHERE so i used the strawberry bon-bon candies (the hard candies with chewy middles and the wrapper that looks like a strawberry). Instead of a straw I found pink razors at the dollar store that look like straws or spoons. they turned out really cute. This was a great idea so thanks!  Here's the poem I used:

This very special sundae,
will leave you feeling great.
It's chock full of good things,
even though it can't be ate.

Take it in the bath with you.
Of course don't take a sip,
cause it may look delicious,
but it's made to take a dip.

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Comments (9)
  • Anonymous

    When you say you used a "big box" of baking soda, what size do you mean?

  • Tami

    Hey, we just made these for the sisters in our ward for Mother's Day. Thanks so much for the idea! You inspired me to write a tutorial of my own about them on my blog (of course I credited your site). You can check it out at sundae-bath-salts.html. If you want to link this on your blog, feel free.

  • Debbie Olson

    oh these are so cute. I think i will use this project for my scouts to make for their moms. Thanks

  • mari

    :lol: My turn for Activity Days Mother's Day lesson/gift and this is what I am doing!!! Hooray and thank you so much for such wonderful ideas!

  • Noemi

    Thanks for this idea... my councelors and I have decided to create this for the Primary kid's mothers. I can't wait to see their reactions.

  • Mindy

    This is such a CUTE idea!! I am going to
    do this with my Activty Day girls! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Bonna

    We are making these for the Mothers of our Daycare kids for Mother's Day. I only need to make 10. How do I scale down the proportions?

  • Patti

    YM are doing this for Mother's day. (H is YM Pres.) Question are the puffs just sitting on top? Glue? If so what was used. It looks like ribbon tied around with the poem then attached. Is this correct? Thank you!

  • Alma Ruiz

    Thank you, Thank you, for this GREAT idea! I'm the 1st Couselor & had my Mia Maids make these for Mother's Day this year along with writing a poem for their mothers. Dairy Queen donated the cups & since we only had to make 7 Sundaes I only used the Vaseline Moisturizing Bath Beads vs. the Epson Bath Salts.

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