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As your week at Girls Camp comes to a close, take a minute to look at all of the beauties of nature around you. Evidence of the Lord's love is all around you and can be seen in everything from the most majestic mountain peaks to the smallest wildflower. In this moment stop and consider the pine tree and the beautiful lesson it teaches us. The pine represents strength and courage and determination. Look and see that its top points directly to that which created it.

Each new season, the pine tree bears fruit in the form of cones nestled in its branches. These cones fall to the ground and become lodged in the soft dirt. As spring approaches, the cones begin to break out their roots deep into the soil. Spring and summer bring more growth. With the winter comes winds, cold and heavy snow, testing the strength of the small roots and branches. The trees that reach for the warmth of the sun find new strength and only those with the deepest and firmest roots will be able to survive.  Only the most determined succeed. From each trial, the tree grows stronger and receives new beauty and the branches stretch toward heaven.

You can be like the pinecone. Each one of you has the seeds to a beautiful life. If you are determined to hold fast to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, have the courage to do what is right and always look to your Heavenly Father and His Son for renewed strength you will know the beautiful life that is within you. Grow closer to the Lord each day by studying His word and praying often and you like the pine will be a unique and beautiful wonder of nature.  You like the tiny seed can overcome any obstacle and be truly who you were meant to be.
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