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 A lesson with makeup

 As an object lesson when I was teaching this to the teenage girls at church, I gave them each a small dropper and I put a 2-quart bowl on the table. I told them that throughout the lesson they would get the chance to put drops in the bucket for every Drop of Awesome they could think of that they’d done. I promised them that we would fill the bowl to overflowing by the end of the lesson. With about 5 minutes to go, we had barely begun to fill the bowl and the girls were looking around at each other nervously. The promised "overflow" did not look likely. Were they not awesome enough? At that point, I pulled out a large pitcher labeled ATONEMENT and poured water into the glass bowl until it was spilling out all over the table and the towel the bowl was resting on. The class went silent.  When we are in a relationship with Christ, striving as God’s sons and daughters to do His will, He pours more into our buckets than we can ever hope to imagine. He can fill us to overflowing with peace, with joy, with perfection, with "Awesome". And then what do we do if our bucket is overflowing like that? Where does the Awesome go then?  I pulled out an identical bowl, twice the size of the original. Our capacity for joy and light increases. And we just keep working, one tiny drop at a time. And we don’t compare today’s drops to yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. And we live and we love and we repent when we do wrong and we allow ourselves to be glorious, beautiful, and dare I say perfect in Christ, children of God. I believe in a God who loves us and roots for us and cheers for every Drop of Awesome we can manage. Our victories are His victories and He wants us to feel joy. Not later, when we no longer make mistakes, but right now. (Click here for source).

The Atonement is as simple to understand as a paper airplane by Rhonda Ferranti (video)

Give each person a nickel. Set out a treat. Tell them the cost per treat is 10 cents. You can't pool money or share. Give them a bit to think and discuss it. After a couple of minutes, ask "Did you think to ask me for the money?" Give everyone an additional nickel. Compare this to grace. We want eternal life, but we don't have "enough" to get in. Through the Atonement, Christ provides the difference. To get the treat, they had to put in everything they had-personal best- and then ask for help.

 There was an article in the Ensign about repentence and the image has stuck with me since. It compared sin to a dirty brick dropped into a bucket of water. The water gets dirty and some water splashes out. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the brick can be removed and the water cleaned. But it is up to us to fill up the empty space left by the spilled water by putting good things in our lives back in our lives. (Shared by Laura Bunting)

Dirty Old Shell by Bruce Forbes

 He took our sins upon Him

Our sins are dissolved

 The Atonement

 The Atonement is two fold

 The cleansing power of the Atonement (video clip)

 We can't do it ourselves

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