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Story adapted from Bishop Doug Durbano, [Weber State University Student Ward]

Once upon a time there was a little Indian boy who wanted to eat a duck. He watched the ducks float in the river all day and thought about how easy it would be to snatch one up for his dinner. But he was wrong. He ran toward the ducks, hands clenching and grabbing, but all of the ducks avoided his grasp.

The next day the boy sat in a pumpkin patch and watched the ducks again. He leaned over a pile of pumpkins to get a better look at the ducks. His weight toppled the pile of pumpkins down the pumpkin patch, off the bank of the river and into the water. The ducks were startled and swam to the sides of the river.

But soon, the ducks became used to the orange spheres floating in the water and they went back in with the pumpkins. The Indian boy watched the ducks approach the pumpkins and quickly move away. But the ducks, not being the smartest ducks in the world, started staying near the pumpkins.

The Indian boy saw that the ducks were getting closer to the pumpkins, and some were even cuddling up real close to them. And this gave the Indian boy an idea! Day after day he floated pumpkins in the river with the ducks. And with every passing day the ducks got more used to the pumpkins.

Until one day the Indian boy saw that the pumpkins didn’t scare the ducks anymore. He saw that most of the ducks were cuddling close with the pumpkins. The Indian boy carefully carved out a pumpkin and slid it over his head. He got into the water with only his pumpkin-covered head floating above the surface. He slowly made his way down to the ducks; where many ducks came right over to snuggle with his pumpkin-shell head. When the ducks got close enough the Indian boy grabbed their legs and pulled them under the water, drowning them. The Indian boy had a fabulous feast that evening.

The moral of the story; don’t cuddle with pumpkins. (I mean, avoid temptation. Don’t let it sneak into your life.)

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