We love this idea. We do something similar but have a few other items in the bags. Rocky Road candybar- to signify times may be hard like a rocky road but we can do it with Jesus's help. small chalk board and chalk- to signify repentance. tiny bell- to signify the still small voice. CTR ring- to help them remember to choose the right. small flashlight - to help them remember the Holy Ghost can guide the way.
We hand out these plus other items at our "Great to be Eight" night. At the beginning of the year we have a great to be eight night were we invite all that are turning eight that year and their parents. We have the 8 yr old scout leader, and 8 yr old activity day leader there to talk for a few minutes. Then we talk to them about being baptized and confirmed. (that is when we talk about each item in their bags) We show them the font and the bishop ends with his closing remarks and we have refreshments. It really turns out great!!