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This Baptism bag is to help the children understand how important their baptism is.  Give the child being baptized a white bag with the capitalized items inside the bag.  Attach these sayings onto each item....
*The WHITE BAG is to remind you of how PURE AND CLEAN you are now that you have been baptized.
*The WASHCLOTH is to remind you that you have been washed free of all your sins.
*The WATER will remind you that you were baptized by IMMERSION, just like Jesus was. After your baptism you received a special GIFT, the gift of the HOLY GHOST.
*The little MOUTH is to help you remember that the Holy Ghost will SPEAK to you in a still small voice.
*The SOAP is to remind you that you must have clean thoughts and actions to feel the Holy Ghost.
*The EAR in the bag will remind you to always LISTEN to the Holy Ghost so that you can always choose the right.
*The Holy Ghost will COMFORT you like a warm BLANKET. The Holy Ghost will comfort you and give you strength when you choose the right and have to stand alone.
*The RULER will help you remember that the Holy Ghost is a TEACHER. The Holy Ghost will help you understand and know the truth as you study the scriptures and learn.
*The Holy Ghost will LIGHT YOUR WAY like a CANDLE and help you walk along righteous paths.
*The HEART shows how much Jesus loves you. He wants you to show your LOVE for Him by obeying the commandments.  Always stay close to Him and you will be truly happy."

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