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altIt's Great to be Eight Countdown - Activities to do as a family, "eight" days prior to the child's baptism.


alt Click here for baptism booklets


alt Wentzell's Creative Designs


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alt Positively Mommy


alt Baptism Candy Bar Wrappers from The Idea Door
alt Candy Bar Wrapper 1
alt Candy Bar Wrapper 2
alt It's great to be eight (candy bar wrapper) by Doug Allen
The Willis Family


alt 22 pages of thumbnails pertaining to baptism from
alt Baptism, Black and White
alt Baptism Clipart from Christy's Clipart


alt Baptism Coloring Pages by Melanie Flamm


alt Baptism
alt Baptism and the Name of Christ from Family Home Evening Manual
alt Baptism by Deseret Book
alt Baptism Family Home Evening by Heidi Weatherston
alt Preparing Children For Baptism
alt Preparing for Baptism
alt Preparing for Baptism by Little LDS Ideas


alt Baptism, A Requirement for Membership


alt Angel Food Cake
alt Baptism Cake Tutorial by Leigha Knoeppel 
alt Cookies that have been completely immersed in milk.
alt Eight is Great Cookie Bouquet by by Ang Kynaston
alt Frost two bundt cakes.  Place them together to look like the number 8.
alt My LDS and other projects
alt Repentance Cupcakes (possible refreshment after Family Home Evening on baptism)


alt Baptism Jeopardy by Shawna Woodworth
alt Baptism Word Scramble by Sherry Langfitt
alt Fill the Font (July 2005 Friend)
alt Keeping our baptismal covenant (October 2006 Friend)


alt As a gift for each of our children's baptisms, we buy them a new set of scriptures. Before the baptism, we give the scriptures to grandma, plus twenty $1 bills. She goes through and marks 20 of her favorite scriptures, and then tucks a bill in the page.  When the child receives the scriptures, they can "hunt" for "hidden treasures". The only rule is they have to READ the scripture before they can remove the money of course. (Source -
alt Baptism Bag
alt Baptism Cereal
alt Baptism Keepsake Box by Shelley Lamont
alt Baptism Printable for girls or boys
alt Baptism Socks and lots of other ideas
alt Baptism Subway Art Frame
alt Baptism Towel Gift Idea by Andi Walker
alt Baptism Towel
alt CTR Towel Tutorial
alt I have an embroidering machine and I'm going to embroider "Don't Forget To Pray" on the hem of a pillowcase. I am giving them out to the children at their baptisms. Since we have to give a short talk, I thought it was silly to welcome them to Primary since they have been there since they were 18 months old. I talk about prayer and how they should say their prayers every morning and every night. And the pillowcase will help to remind them to do that.  (Idea by Donna Jenson / ga05052008)
alt Something I have done for my nieces and nephews and plan to do for my kids is a book filled with the testimonies of family members and close friends. The kids have loved it and I hope it will be a help for them to have everyone's testimonies to reflect on during tough times.  The other cute idea I saw was giving the person a keepsake key. It was presented at the child's baptism and they were told they now have the key to open heaven, etc. (Idea by Wendy James / ga04112007)


alt Baptism Bookmarks from Christy's Clipart
alt Baptism Information Magnet by Tiffany Weighall
alt Baptism Kit by Diane Tamariki
alt Baptism Kit Kat by Eileen K. Green
alt Jesus Christ was baptized by Melanie Day
alt Jesus Christ was baptized by Stephanie Kendall
alt My Baptism Covenant by Ruthie Ritter
alt Roll of Lifesavers: "Baptism is a celestial lifesaver"


alt Baptism Invitation by Barb Bennett
alt Baptism Invitation Poem by Alison Fowler
alt Baptism Preview Invitation by Jennifer
alt Free 4 x 6 Baptism Invitation Template
alt My LDS & Other Projects


alt Baptism Review
alt Covenants at the Waters of Mormon: What Do I Promise Heavenly Father When I Am Baptized?
alt I cut out two big footprints, one saying birth and the other saying baptism.  I spaced them out far apart on the floor, clearly unable to step from one to the other.  I then ask the kids who would like to jump from "birth" to "baptism" with no baby steps in between.  I showed them first how not even I could, then they decided that they wanted to try.  Then I asked if it would be easier to take smaller steps in between.  I made 9 smaller footprints, each saying something like:  Praying, Scripture Study, Attending Primary, Obedience to Parents, Love for Family, Tithing, Faith, Taking the Sacrament, Honesty, Etc.  As I laid each footprint down I would ask a question about the  principle that was written on each one, such as:  Have you ever had an answer to a prayer?  Who is your favorite hero in the scriptures? and so forth. Now have the kids take smaller steps from "Birth" to "Baptism.  Talk about how much easier this makes it to get from one to the other.  They are well prepared and really seem ready to take the biggest step they have taken so far in their life...that of being baptized! (Idea by ReNe'e Brown)
alt I used two identical dolls. One the children were able to come up and mark on to show a sin. The second was hidden in a container of water. After they were done marking up the first doll it was time for her to be baptized. I dunked her into the water then used slight of hand and pulled up the second doll. The children loved it. (Idea by Tammy / ga10042008)

LESSONS FROM CHURCH MANUALS - Great for Family Home Evenings

alt Alma baptizes at the Waters of Mormon - (Primary 4: Book of Mormon)
alt Baptism - (Primary 3: Choose the Right B)
alt Baptism - (Gospel Principles Manual)
alt I can prepare for baptism (Primary Manual 2)
alt The age of accountability - (Primary 3: Choose the Right B)
alt The baptism of Jesus Christ - (Primary 7: New Testament)
alt The baptismal covenant - (Primary 3: Choose the Right B)


alt Baptism - from Children's Songbook
altBaptism Songbook by Heather H. Shepherd
alt Covenants Are Promises - August 1999 Friend
alt I Come To The Water - March 2000 Friend
alt I Like My Birthdays - from Children's Songbook
alt My First Step by Hillary Abplanalp and Phoebe Morris
alt The Fourth Article of Faith - from Children's Songbook
alt When I am baptized - from Children's Songbook


alt Analogy by Brad Wilcox
alt “BAPTISM” - The word translated as “baptize” comes from a Greek word that originally meant ‘to dip in dye.’ Bring a small container of water that has been dyed with food coloring or fabric dye. Also bring a small piece of white fabric (or paper). Show the children how the character of the paper is changed when it is dipped/baptized in the colored water. Explain that through baptism, we can become as pure and clean as the water that we are baptized in. (Idea from Times and Seasons)
alt Cheez Whiz
alt Life stains all
alt Tarnished Pennies
alt Through baptism we can become clean


alt About Baptism
alt An idea to make baptism day special
alt Baptism Candy Poster
alt Baptism Pennies
alt Baptism Road Signs by Heidi Weatherston
alt CTR Soap - Invitation Idea (could be used as invitations to one's baptism-scroll down)
alt Footsteps leading to baptism by Robert Esplin
alt Hairdo ideas for baptism
alt Journey to Baptism
alt Our Modern Day Prophets Places of Baptism


alt My Baptism Towel
alt My Baptism Towel by T.J. Eich
alt My Three White Dresses by Linda Gay Perry Nelson - To see a video clip that takes a spin on this poem click here.
alt The Baptism Rainbow by Lynne M. Durkee


alt Baptism - My First Covenant
alt Baptism Penny Talk
alt Spiritual Guidance by Michael Meldrum
alt The Baptism of Jesus Christ
alt The Peanut Butter Boy - Talk about how the girl/boy came to earth and she/he was innocent and pure. But along the way everyone makes mistakes and will sin. No one is perfect. They may lie to their brother or sister, be unkind, he may be disobedient to his parents.  (List sins if you want) Slab peanut butter on the boy for each sin. Explain that the peanut butter represents sin. Wouldn't it be awful to have to go through life covered in sin/peanut butter? Then explain that Jesus Christ has provided a way for us to be clean and whole again. Today you are taking an important step by being baptized. 1. You will become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. and 2. Your sins will be washed away today and you will receive the Holy Ghost. This paper towel represents your baptism. Wipe all of the peanut butter off. Not only will you have to opportunity to be made clean today but every Sunday when you partake of the sacrament you will be able to renew that same covenant, that same gift that your sins can be washed away. When you sin and you will because you are human you can use this paper towel each week. Your baptism is a special gift to you. (Idea by Judie Hadlock)
alt The Three "Bears"


alt Baptism Program Cover by Sheri Stevens
alt Baptism Program Template by Rhonda Park
alt My LDS & Other Projects
alt Printable Baptism Program (for girl)


alt Custom Baptism Invitations
alt Member since.... (Necklace charm)


alt Baptism Puzzles
alt Baptism Word Search
alt Find the hidden 8's!
alt Martin's Maze by Heather Weatherston
alt Puzzle of Jesus Being Baptized by Heather Weatherston


alt Quotes on Baptism from W.O.O.L.
alt Quick Quotes


alt Baptism Scrapbook Kit - for free


alt Baptismal Covenant Reminder by Brittany Olsen
alt Baptism Flower by Sally Reynolds
alt Baptism is a sybolism of death by Laurene Knighton
alt Baptism, My First Covenant
alt Baptism Jeopady by Jennifer Ipsen
alt Baptism Jeopardy by Shawna Woodworth
alt Baptism Word Scramble by Sherry Langfitt
alt I am accountable for my choices
alt I took the picture of the young boy being baptized and enlarged it to poster size. I laminated it and then cut it into 12 puzzle pieces. I'm going to put the pieces randomly (back side up) on the board, and then ask the children 12 questions about baptism. When they answer them they can turn over a puzzle piece and assemble it. Our junior primary is really small, so I'm going to let each class have a turn with help from their teachers.  (Idea by Jeanette Waver / ga04272009)
alt I used two identical dolls. One the children were able to come up and mark on to show a sin. The second was hidden in a container of water. After they were done marking up the first doll it was time for her to be baptized. I dunked her into the water then used slight of hand and pulled up the second doll. The children loved it. (Idea by Tammy / ga10042008)
alt I will follow Jesus Christ by being baptized and confirmed by Katie Poland
alt Jesus Christ was baptized
alt On the right path
alt Plain Words about Baptism: Why is it so important for me to be baptized?

SINGING TIME IDEAS (Primary Music Leader):

alt This month for a review I made pictures to go with the songs and laminated them. Then I put paper clips on the picture. I will then immerse then in water in a clear container and let the children fish them out with a magnetic fishing pole. At the beginning I will talk about how the pictures aren't floating but are immersed in the water and relate that to being baptized.  I may add salt to try to keep the pictures from completely sinking. (Idea by Emma Slade / ga08112008)


alt Elder David B. Haight shares his baptism experience
alt How Will Keeping My Baptismal Covenant Help Me Follow Jesus Throughout My Life
alt The Baptism Difference


alt Baptism Subway Art


alt Born Again by James E. Faust
alt Preparing Our Daughter for Baptism by Carol Loughmiller
alt That We May Always Have His Spirit to Be with Us by David Bednar
alt The Covenant of Baptism: To Be in the Kingdom and of the Kingdom by Robert D. Hales

VIDEO CLIPS: Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Baptism — A Promise to Follow Jesus. 1982. Video adaptation of the filmstrip. Helps parents, teachers, and leaders prepare children for baptism. For use in Primary lessons on baptism, in Primary sharing time, at home, and in other appropriate settings. 9 min.


alt LDS Baptisms


alt When I turn eight.... by Rachel

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