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by Kelli Thomas / ga03292009

CLICK HERE to open Kelli's Bear Record Sheet.

CLICK HERE to open Kelli's Wolf Record Sheet.


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  • Anonymous

    I love these forms, but I realized after I started using them that there are some missing pieces (for instance, Wolf Trail Achievement 4 is missing "f";). Otherwise, I love it!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about that. I was given an older scout book and apparently they have made some changes since then. I will update my chart so that it includes that. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a tracking sheet for Webelos or 11-yr old scouts? I would love them! These sheets are wonderful!

  • Michele Chandler

    Just wondering...will you be updating this with the new electives that we were just given? I love this and would like to use it for my wolf den. They have just recently added about 14 new categories. I will check back to see! THANKS! :-)

  • Sheila Morrison

    I love your record sheets for cubs. I did add a place to list all the arrow point completed activities for the Bear. Also, my son is getting ready to move to Webelos and I would love a tracking sheet for that. I use the sheets for my Wolf den and the Bear leader just started using them for her den. Simple and user friendly. Thanks.

  • Brenda


  • alvarez

    Hi Kelli! Is it possible to send me your wolf and bear record sheets unlocked so I am able to make some adjustments for my pack?

  • Guest

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!

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