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alt Father's Day Quarterly Activity Idea by Daisie Dance
alt Hop, Pop and Photo Op by Emma Turner
alt How to make your Father's Day by Mindy Oja
 Daddy Daughter Date Idea - "Cowgirl and her Cowboy"
alt Parent Activity Ideas (Some Father/Daughter Activity Ideas)


alt Candy Bar Printables from the Idea Room
alt Father's Day Candy Bar Wrapper by DaNette Bushman
alt Father's Day - Life Saver Wrapper from
alt Large Chocolate Bar Wrapper from
alt Mini Candy Bar Wrapper (Black and White) from
alt Mini Candy Bar Wrapper (Blue) from


alt Father's Day Flip Flop Card
alt Dad's Shirt Card (Adapt this card by taking off missionary name badge)
alt Dad's Shirt Card from Martha Stewart
alt Father's Day Card Cutout by Jennifer Karol 
alt I love you this much card!
alt Tie Card

alt A few years back the primary leaders in our ward made boutonnieres out of Tootsie Pop Suckers and attached them to a 3 x 5 card that said "You're a Great Pop" They took a sucker and cut half the stick off and then twisted a couple of florist leaves and fake babies breath and added the green florist tape and a corsage pin. It was fun to see the dads actually wearing them. I've also seen them with 2 and 3 suckers, but those were kind of heavy. These are pretty inexpensive in the bulk food bins. (Idea by Lisa)
alt Apple - I've seen an apple with a note tied to the stem with ribbon that says..."thanks for being the core of your family!"
alt Big Hunk Tie
alt Cute & Simple Gifts for Dad
alt Dad's Survival Kit
alt Danielle's Place - Lots of cute Father's Day gift ideas
alt Father's Day Bookmarks
alt Father's Day Boutonniere
alt Father's Day Coupons - Punch a hole and put on a key ring
alt Father's Day Gift Ideas
alt Father's Day Stop Sign
alt Father's Day Ties: (Credit Unknown) A few years ago I did a fathers day sharing time each child brought in an old tie of their dads, redecorated it using glitter, pom-poms, feathers, paint etc. We wrapped the ties and sent them home to be opened on fathers day before church so that all the dads could wear them to church.
alt Felt Ties
alt Fishermen
alt Frame Cutout
alt Fridge Magnet
alt Last year for father's day we gave cans of "Dad's" Root beer with a note in the shape of a tie that said; "To the world's greatest  POP!" (Charla Buchanen)
alt My Kids Walk All Over Me!
alt One year we made "Almond Joy" bow ties for the fathers. We drew a cute oversized bow tie and wrote "All Men Are That They Might Have Joy" on it and copied it onto cardstock. We cut them out and finally taped a full-size Almond Joy bar on it. (Credit Unknown)
alt Paper Airplane with Gum
alt Print out dad's priesthood line of authority on vellum and put a picture of Christ behind it...then frame it. (Do you need a copy of his line of authority? The Church has started a new program where you can contact them for Line of Authority information, as long as the person is directly related to you. Call 801-240-3500 (or 800-453-3860 toll free), ask for Member Services, and choose option 6, then option 2. Be prepared to give as much information as possible. Full name, Date of Birth, Current Ward/Stake, Address and Zip Code, Who ordained him, and them (if known). Member services will put in a request for your information and mail you what they find. I personally did this and received a copy of my husbands a few weeks later.)
alt POP ROCKS (3 packages tied together with ribbon)
alt Treasure Candies - We put 3 of the candies in tissue (value colors no less) tied them off with curly ribbon and added the tag "A good father is a "Treasure" beyond measure. It was simple, the men enjoyed the treat and the baskets looked beautiful holding all the bright colored tissue wrapped candy. (Credit Unknown)
alt Quick and Easy Father's Day Gifts
alt You'll need: a kool-aid "squeeze-it" bottles (found in the juice section in grocery stores), netting/tule, curling ribbon, Hershey's Kisses, a little note with a hole punched in the corner with the following on it, "Here is a squeeze and a kiss from me to you! Happy Fathers Day!" (Credit Unknown)

alt Father's Day Snack Mix - CUTE poem/idea from
alt Our ward has done slices of pies for the past 10 years. Sisters bring a whole pie to Church on Sunday, and the RS presidency gets the Styrofoam take-home boxes and cuts each pie. Each dad picks one giant slice of pie to take home. Flavors are written on the lids of the box so they can choose between apple, peach, berry, etc. (whatever is brought that day). The dads LOVE it. (Idea by Lisa Willey)
alt Remote Control Cake
alt Shirt Cake For Dad 


alt Father's Day Mazes
alt Play "pin the Tie on the Dad": (Idea by Liz Whitehorn) Have a child color a tie any way they want and you can make up question to put on the backs of thee ties. i.e. Who's Nephi's father? Who is the father of many nations? Who is Jesus' father? Why should we honor our father? Who is the father of our country? Who is the father of our ward/stake? What color are dad's eyes? Where did dad serve a mission? Let each child pick ties and if they answer the question correctly they get blindfolded and try to hang the tie on the dad poster (where you can easily find pictures of a father by going to for clipart.
alt Scripture Dad's Matching Game
alt Summer Outdoor Games by Jamie


alt Father's Day Keychain by Jennifer Aspillaga
alt Father's Day Ideas
alt Father's Day Toolbelt Gift Idea
alt Fathers Day Treat by Lori Allred
alt Give him a hand.... by Laura Nicholls
alt Homemade Ice Cream and Cards by Jen Sudweeks
alt I love you to "pieces"
alt If you give a dad a cookie.... by Valerie and Gaylene
alt One Crayon by Sofia
alt Soda Bottle Covers
alt Superdad Printable Gift Labels
alt "We are printing a card that says, "Not to sound CORNY, but you're the best POP around" and taping it to a bag of microwave popcorn.  We left room on the card for the children to draw a picture or write a note to their dad before we tape it to the popcorn." (Idea by Alisa Haws / ga06192011)
alt  Father's Day Gifts, June 1984 Friend


alt Father's Day Freebie
alt Father's Day Printables
alt Father's Day Printable/Handout for Primary by K. Arritt
alt Father's Day Surveys by Angela
alt Some Father's Day Freebies
alt Tie card
alt Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)
alt How about a Mr. Goodbar? It speaks for itself. Or a Milky Way bar because they're out of this world? Or Twix-betwix(t) you and me, we think you're great! OR, one of those Hershey dark chocolate bars, the ones that say Special. Or put some Nestle Treasures candy and a couple pieces of fudge in a 4x4 ziptop baggy and put in a note that read: Just wanted you to know how much we "treasure" you and we're not "fudge'in" The dad's loved it. (Idea by Linda Baker)
alt Microwave popcorn with the following card, "Happy Father's Day 'Pop'!"


alt Father, do you love me? by Julia Grogan
alt I am my Heavenly Father's Child
alt Father's Day song sung to "Happy Birthday to You"
alt My Father Taught Me
alt When I hear my Father pray


alt A Father Indeed
alt Cheerleading Dad
alt Fathers and Sons
alt Let Us Be Men


alt Father's Day program covers by Megan Buhler
alt King for a Day - some really fun ideas!
alt Super Dad Certificate
alt Dad Sayings


alt Father's Day Mustache Theme


alt Father's Day Footprint Project and Poem
alt Father's Day Poem
alt Fathers Day Treat by Lori Allred
alt Cookies and Dad
alt Father's Day poem - attach to a Big Hunk candy bar
alt Gone Fishing With Dad
alt Hershey Top Quality Fudge
alt M & M Bowtie Poem
alt My Million Dollar Dad
alt Poem from June 1984 Friend
alt The Little Chap Who Follows Me
alt Walk a little slower
alt When My Father Kneels To Hold Me
alt You are my daddy  
alt Dad
alt My Hero by Debbie Young
alt What makes a dad?
alt When God created Fathers


alt Father's Day Printables
alt Tons of free printables from Sassy Sites!


alt Puzzle Card and Poem from June 1984 Friend


alt Father's Day Quarterly Activity Idea by Daisie Dance


Mother/Father Questionnaire by Sheri Stevens


alt Father's Day Quiz by Tom Pew 


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes


alt Pin the tie on daddy by D'Net Layton - You could put different songs, stories or parts of your sharing time on the back of each of the ties.
alt When I was in primary for sharing time on Fathers day, I drew a father on a poster board (the head and chest) then made cute ties with all kinds of patterns and stuck them all over the primary room. Then I had one child pick a tie and they played "pin the tie on the dad". On the back of the ties were questions about dads. Who is the father of the ward? Nephi had a great father by the name of... who was the father who built a ship and put animals in it? I also did songs, "name that tune". You can adjust the questions to fit junior or senior you could put scriptures on the back of the ties and the children have to look them up. The children thought it was so cool. They loved cheering each other on. (by Rachel Alder / ga06132009)
As a brand new counselor in Primary, for Father's Day I needed to come up with something quick! I settled on Father's Day cards that said "I'm NUTS about You, Happy Father's Day" In the envelope we'll put a fun size bag of peanut M&Ms, and talk about how important out dads are to our family. (by LeAnna Nicholson / ga06122008)
alt Happy Father's Day
alt I am your.... by Debra Bartz
alt Last year for Father's Day we invited all the Dads to Senior Sharing Time. We took a group picture. After that we invited the Dad's to take a seat and we served them homemade Cinnamon Rolls and milk. This year we did the same thing for the Mother's. This year for Father's Day we will be inviting the Dad's again, but this time we will be sharing brownies and milk. (Idea by Merri Lea Hoff)
alt Life's Journey to Perfection
alt Mystery Fathers by Camille Williams
alt Sharing Time Idea by Sheryl
alt This June's Friend had a Father's Day footsteps poem. On Father's Day after reading the sweet poem to the primary children, give them a large (Daddy-sized) sand colored die cut footprint and have them write (or draw for the younger ones, the teacher could write the words underneath, if necessary to get the message across) on the footprint a good thing they see their Father do that they want to do to so they will be like him and follow in his footsteps. Later they can present it to their Dad or other VIP with a kiss. (Idea shared by Jennifer Barzee / ga06072007)
alt We are planning on decorating sugar cookie ties with frosting and candy then discussing the role of the father in the family, referencing the Proclamation of the Family. Then, we'll make a thank you card to our father's for all they do. (Idea shared by Janelle Hamm / ga06072008)
alt We wanted to do something to honor our bishop on Father's Day since he is the father of our ward. We are going to have him come into Primary hidden behind a rolling chalkboard. I spoke to his wife and found out lots of fun facts about him to give as clues for the children to try and guess who he is. When they find out how it is we were going to sing, "Our Bishop" to him and give him a treat. We are hoping this will let the bishop know how much we appreciate him and give the children an opportunity to get to know him better too! (Idea shared by Kristen / ga06092008)


alt The Father's Day Surprise Cake, Directions on the Surprise Cake
alt Dad, I love you! by F. Melvin Hammond


alt Father's Day Fishing Cupcakes

Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt "Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children" - President Hinckley discusses the values that fathers should teach their children. Originally given at the priesthood session of general conference held 7 October 2000. 22 min. (Video Clip 3)

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