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by Pauline Wadsworth / ga03082009
Our Priests recently thought up a combined activity that was a lot of fun called, “Meal or No Meal” a take off of the show “Deal or No Deal”.

They came up with a list of 10 meals of increasing quality. Starting with sardines and crackers and ending with a chicken dinner and ice cream pie.  They wrote each meal on a card and put each card in a separate brown lunch sack. There was also a list of the meals on the board, a game show host and a banker.

The youth were divided into groups of five and then asked a food based scripture question. For example - “Where do you find the Word of Wisdom?” The team of youth that got the correct answer first were the contestants. Some of the youth that did not win the round were recruited to be the “models” and go on the stage to hold the different lunch sacks.
The contestants chose one bag which was put aside unopened. If they went through the entire round, the meal written on the card in that sack would be the meal the Priest Quorum would fix for those five youth at a later date.

The contestants then proceeded one by one to choose the lunch sacks held by one of the youth. The game show host would ask the “model” to open the sack chosen by the contestant group and let them know which meal was in that sack. That meal was checked off of the list on the chalkboard and was no longer an option for a win.
The banker had bags of candy and would offer the contestants instant candy if they would quit right then instead of playing on. Just like on the tv show, the better options they had left, the more candy he would offer them to try and get them to give up and take the candy instead of the meal before the round was over.

The youth enjoyed it and we had one group win the chicken dinner and one group win hot dogs and sauerkraut.

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