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Andrea writes, "I recently designed a magnet for the visiting teachers in our ward to remind them to call their visiting teaching supervisors. I am hoping it will be cute enough that they will put it on their fridge and when they see it first remember to DO their visiting teacher and second CALL their supervisors. The magnet simply says "Call your Visiting Teaching Supervisor".

The digital scrapbooking elements are from my Memory Mixer program.  It would be so helpful to have more sisters call their supervisors each month to report their visiting well see if the magnets work!"


Comments (4)
  • janene

    ;-) i really like this idea thanks for sharing..x

  • Joy

    These are really cute. Did you print them on magnetic business cards? If yes, what was the product number? Or did you just put them on card stock and glue a magnet on the back? :-)

  • Heidi Allen

    Cute reminder magnets.

  • Karen

    Have you think of making them in different languages? I'm Hispanic and would love to help other sister to improve their ideas in visiting teaching and do their calling with an enthusiastic mind and spirit. ;-)

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