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by Jennifer Davis / ga02122009

Jennifer writes, "Tonight for Activity Days with our Primary, we're going to be discussing the importance of Family History with an emphasis on keeping our own history. The children will be interviewing each other and then filling out an informal family tree.

I decided to do a "fun" tree rather than a family group sheet or pedigree chart because we have a relatively large group (both boys and girls because we have no cub scouts). In my experience, the pedigree charts take a bit of hand-holding."

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 You can visit Jennifer's blog by clicking here.

Comments (5)
  • cheri

    the tree pedigree chart is great i"ll use it for my achevement day lesson.
    thank you.

  • Barbara Chapman

    Why can't I open any of the files in this site? I keep trying but it just doesn't happen. Just wondering if I have to pay or something? Barbara

  • Melanie

    Barbara -

    The original file was only available as a Word document; however, I just formated it into a pdf. Are you able to open the pdf? There are no fees or memberships to purchase....all files should open without a problem. If something else isn't working, please let me know and I'll do my best to help!


  • ChelseaC

    I'm not able to open the documents, the urls aren't working. Is there a way I can get this? It's a cute tree we'd love to use!

  • carly

    Had no problem with the word. This is perfect for my activity days family history chart. Thanks!

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