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 Chalk Talk: draw stick figures on the chalkboard and try to strike the same pose.
 Giant bubbles; pop them with different parts of the body.
 (Compiled by Chiara Despain) Take The Mr. Potato Pieces (Arms, Nose, Eyes, Mouth, and Hands) and put them in a container the children cannot see in (a bag or feely can etc.) The children then pick one piece out and tell the group what sense is used in regard to the particular body part. I have also played this by putting the pieces under a parachute and the child has to climb under the parachute to get one "sense" organ and return with it.
 Bring a scale and have the children weigh themselves, measure them and make a little booklet called "All about me" where we will add all their information, like hair color, eye color etc. Show a Measuring Chart and talk about feet and inches, then measure each child, and cut a piece of yarn just their height for them to take home and show their families.


 I have a body booklet by Deb Roberts
 My Body Mini Book


 I have a body


 Make life-size tracing of children
- Take big pieces of cardboard (like refrigerator boxes) or butcher paper  and have the children
lie down on it
- Have the children take turns tracing each other's bodies on the paper.
- Draw on faces, clothes, etc.
- Decorate further with yarn hair, real buttons, lace, ribbons, etc
- Instead of drawing on body parts...try this idea.  Trace each child and then hang those up in Nursery for the weeks that you focus on those lessons--adding the appropriate parts as you go, and then send home smaller versions (8 1/2 x 11 size--generic boy and girl body appropriate to the gender of the child) with the appropriate part that the children can attach (ears, hands, feelings (happy, sad, frown, etc., mouths).  Then when you have the lesson on "I can do many things" send home the life sized paper child. 
 Just for fun - I got butcher paper and I am tracing each child's outline on the paper to take home and hang on their door.  At the top of the paper I wrote "I am a child of God."  They can color it, add clothes, etc."  Each child likes to get traced (we do it outside with sidewalk chalk too!).  I also bought a big giraffe at a teacher store for a bulletin board; I put it on the nursery door a couple of weeks ago and it has big leaves all around it.  Next week we are going to measure each child's height and put it on a leaf by the giraffe.  These are fun and inexpensive ideas for the kiddos.  (Idea by Debbie Andrus)
 Tin Man
 Use four craft sticks or popsicle sticks as a frame. The children can decorate them as they like. Cut one piece of paper for each child to fit into the popsicle frame. On each piece, write, or have children write, "Heavenly Father loves me - I am special to Him." Then have the children use (washable) stamp pads to make their fingerprints on the background. They can get as creative as they want, using other decorations or not. Tape string or a piece of yarn on the back to hang. (Idea by Linda)


 File Folder Game by Megan Mills


 Body Building Game: Make a set of paper body parts—head, torso, arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, hair. In a container, place pictures from magazines (or draw them) of various foods, drinks, and other items that are either good or bad for the body. Have the children take turns drawing items from the container. If the item is good for you, they add a part to the body. If the item is bad, they must remove a body part. Continue playing until you have a complete body.
 So many games can be compared to 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', as can this one, except, using a drawing/clipart child, the arms, legs, eyes, hair, etc., whichever body parts you decide, should be separate. Place double-sided sticky tape to the back and let the children try to place them on the body, in the correct place, while blindfolded.  This might also be done without the blindfold and use this as a lesson showing how God put us together, created us in His image, with His eyes open. (Note: This might also be done by having each child lie on a large piece of paper, draw their outline, play the game and let each child take home 'his body'. They might also want to draw or color on "their body".


 Taking Care of Our Bodies by Donna Gabriel


 Church Babies Blog
 While telling the part of the story where God made man, I formed a person out of play dough (body, head, arms, legs, eyes, hair. Then, I tried to breathe into it and tell it to come alive. I tried once or twice more. Then, I asked the children why I could not make it come alive. I asked them if they wanted to try to breathe into it. Then, we discussed how we cannot make it come alive because we are not Heavenly Father.  Only He can do something so incredible as making man out of dirt and then breathing into him and he is alive! The children were very attentive. (Credit Unknown)
 LDS Primary Lesson Helps
 My Body
 You are Eternal - Follow instructions to make a fabric glove puppet for demo during lesson. 


 Do as I'm Doing
 Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
 Once I was a Baby sung to the tune of "Once There Was a Snowman."


 Making Friends Paper Dolls
 Patty Reed Paper Dolls


 Fruit People--Place a pear half (one per child) as the body and a peach half as the head on the child's paper plate fat side down. Cut slits in the peach and insert raisins for eyes, nose and a mouth. Cut a slit in the pear half and insert a cherry half into the indentation as a heart. Arrange mandarin orange slices as the arms and legs. It is so cute!
 Use a body shaped cookie cutter and make sandwiches. Put peanut butter and jelly inside the two shapes. Then add eyes, nose, mouth using choc. chips, gum drops, food coloring, etc.

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