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 Obstacle course with leaders not talking but whispering or showing signs of what to do. Duct tape for a balance beam. Hula hoop to crawl through. Run around a duct tape circle. Hop across some big spots. Slide down the table and out the door to start again. (Idea by Rhonda Wall)


 Coloring Page from August 2007 Friend


 What I'm going to do is have them make a "quilt".  It is a simple square that I will have the kids glue torn paper on. at the top of the paper it reads "The Holy Ghost Can "Comfort" me. (Idea by Lonna / ga02152007)


 File Folder Game by Megan Mills


 Box of Love by Brenda Nettleship
 Holy Ghost Heat Pad by Nicole Stapley


 LDS Primary Lesson Helps
 Lesson Helps from LDS Treasure
 I found a really good sharing time idea on the Holy Ghost that I used yesterday that seemed to work pretty well.  I have a bright yellow box covered with different colored star stickers that I use for the lessons.  I put all the visual aids in it and they love to pull the things out of it.  For this lesson I got several items or pictures and explained one aspect of the Holy Ghost for each one.  I also made a smiley/frowney face on a popsicle stick and we talked about the Holy Ghost helping us be happy when we choose the right and helps us to feel sad if we choose wrong.  (Idea from Rochelle)

Gift/Present- Explain that after we are baptized we get a wonderful gift- The Gift of the Holy Ghost.
Mouth- The Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice
Ears- we need to pay attention and listed for the Holy Ghost
Flashlight- the Holy Ghost will help us choose the right and light our way 
Blanket- The Holy Ghost will comfort us when we are sad
Heart- Heavenly Father loves us and that is why He gave us the Holy Ghost
Picture of Christ- the Holy Ghost will help us to remember Jesus.


 "To help them understand the Holy Ghost as a friend, I brought lots of stuffed animals (at least one for each child) and told them to choose a special friend (stuffed animal) at the beginning of class.  Then we did some movement activities with their "friend."  Then they sat down on the floor with their friend and we talked about friends and how Heavenly Father has given us a very special friend--the Holy Ghost.  They got to hold their "friend" during the class time as long as they listened and kept the friend close.  In helping them understand the Holy Ghost being a comforter, I brought a large piece of fleece fabric that we wrapped around each of them so they could feel how soft and warm it was.  Then we talked about how the Holy Ghost can help us feel soft and warm just like that blanket.  After I told the story of Harold B. Lee, we played this game.  I had all of the children stand on one side of the room and when I said "Walk" they started walking toward me.  But when I quietly said "stop" they stopped. Then I would say "walk" again and they walked until they heard "Stop".  (Idea by Sherri Boekweg)  


 There are pictures in the Friend that go along with the story about President  Lee.  From the Life of President Harold B. Lee "Heeding the Holy Ghost," Friend, Jan. 2002, 38, 39.
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  • Lisa

    I just used the stuffed animal idea and it worked great. With it being right before valentines day i was able to find little white stuffed animals for a dollar each. At the beginning of class i had each child reach into a bag and randomly choose an animal and we would refer to them as their little friend. We played lots of games with them. patty cake, itsy spider, ring around the rosy.. the kids held the 'friends' hands and did the movements. they kept them during snack so when it was finally time for the lesson each child was loving their little friend. I even had enough animals for each leader to play along too. Such a fantastic idea, thanks Sherri!

  • WinKeySolutions

    Hi! I tried to pin this lesson and I was unable to do so because it didn't have a picture associated with it. I recently used these lesson helps with my Nursery kids and loved the suggestions! Thank you for sharing!

  • Guest

    Not sure how to post this on Lesson Helps I got thinking how to teach the Holy Ghost does not have a bodyto nursery children. He is a spirit, we can feel his love and presence. I then thought we can feel heat on a stove but cant see it. The Holy Ghost (spirit) is warmth we feel. I am going to take a little portable heater to my class and let the children feel the warmth it gives to them. They can not tell that it gives warmth by their eyes, they can not see the warmth, but they will be able to feelthe warmth in the air with their hands, and feel the warmth it gives to their body.

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