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I printed pages 11-18 of the following document from Child Care Land (

Black and White Counting Cards -----> click here
Color Counting Cards --------> click here

I shrunk each page 50% on the copy machine and fit cards 1-8 on the front and 9-16 on the back.  I then had the children color the circles (coconuts) different colors. 

To make the mats last longer, I covered them with clear packaging tape and it looks like its laminated!  It's fabulous.

I made coconut playdough by adding a few drops of coconut extract to a homemade playdough recipe.  Each child received a small tub of playdough and they formed balls out of the dough to fill in each circle (or coconut) on the mat.

These mats could be used over and over again in a variety of ways.

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