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by Jenny Meek / ga01222009

Jenny writes, "We just had our baptism preview and I have some photos and suggestions that I would like to submit. I outlined it on my blog."

Here is the information taken from Jenny's blog:

"I am in charge of baptisms this year, which means I am also in charge of our baptism preview, which was tonight. I really wanted this to be a great night for everyone, so I tried to do things that would make them feel special. I tried to take pictures of all the things that I did and I am posting them not to brag, but to remember, so that next year I can try to copy myself or improve and do things better.

Our theme was 'It's great to be...8', so I tried to incorporate that in all the things that I did. Here is the invitation, which is what my inspiration was for everything I did. Everything I did was in white, cream and beige shades so it had a nice simple, but elegant look (in my opinion).

The band with the 8 on it slid off, so that the invitation could be opened and looked like this when opened. A special thanks to my good friend Donna who let me use her cool paper for these!

 When I delivered the invitations I took my camera along. I wanted to get a picture of each child so that I could use it to decorate with. I made each child (yes, I had to force some of them to do this) do a nice smile and then a funny face. Then, keeping with the 8 theme, I cut out the pictures and put one at either end of the eight. Then on the top picture I put "It's great to be..." and on the other picture I put their name. It was simple, yet it turned out cute. I put these all over the doors to the font, which was at the front of the room. We have 18 kids getting baptized, so it nearly covered the doors. Here is what one of them looked like.


I bought each child a pair of white socks (girls had lace around the cuff) that they can wear on their baptism day. I put them in a white chiffon bag and tied a bow around it. Since I discovered this Christmas, how to make cute hair bows, I decided that I wanted to make some white ones for the girls getting baptized, so I made some and clipped it onto the bag. I didn't have anything for the boys and Chris announced that it was unfair; at this point I had nothing else for them. Well today at church, I was going through our Primary cupboard and found some white CTR bracelets...not girly ones, but the thick rubber band type, so I attached them to the bag as well.  This is how the girls bag looked...sorry you can't see the socks, but they are in there!

Here is a picture of the clip up close, but I decided that you just had to see it on someones head to do it justice, so I asked AnaLeigha to model it... she was only too happy to oblige!

 Then I made the programs, I tried to keep them simple and in the color scheme of choice. I am not computer savvy, so I am pretty proud that I figured out how to do a '8' watermark on it. LOL

For the program, both the Primary President and a member of the bishopric spoke to the kids, then we had the cub scout leader and activity days leader do a little blurb about those activities. Chris 'lovingly' agreed to sing a musical number...which by the way was so beautiful (of course) and really brought the spirit into the room. Then we did a small spotlight on each child...which was so fun. We really have such a great bunch of little ones! It was a short and sweet program (my kind of program) and then we ate refreshments.

And now for the best part!!! My friend Lesleigh, who is also in the ward, has a cake business and she made us these TWO AMAZING CAKES! They were definitely the hit of the party! When you walked into the relief society room, the aroma just hit you in the they looked so BEAUTIFUL! Really, these pictures just do NOT do them justice. She went above and beyond for us with these two beautiful masterpieces and I am so thankful for her and that she was so willing to do this. THANKS LESLEIGH!


This cake was only supposed to be a small 6" round cake, just in case the other cake didn't feed everyone (we were expecting 60+ people). But when I showed up to pick them up yesterday, this is what I found! She made another smaller version of the eight cake...just amazing!

So the night is done and I am relieved that it went so well. All the hard work was definitely worth it, I got so much wonderful feedback and thanks from the parents. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of such a wonderful thing.

How's that for fulfilling my new years resolution????!!! Oh, and another great part, there was actually a little bit of cake leftover that I think is calling my name right now. I better go and answer it...after all, it is rude to ignore something that is calling your name! So in the words of Marie Antoinette..."LET THEM EAT CAKE!"

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