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by Kate / 01182009

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Kate writes, "We had a baptism preview for all of the children getting baptized this year. this is a copy of our program.  We handed out books to the parents to help them to have ideas on how to help their child get ready to be baptized.  I found the letter on Mormonshare but it was really out of date so I retyped it. For refreshments we had a birthday cake and juice."

CLICK HERE to open Kate's outline.

Comments (6)
  • Anonymous

    Really appreciate this! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I'm in the dark with this program...I'm totally stealing this!!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot open Kate's outline. Is it just me, or is the link broken?


  • Carrie

    I can't open the program either. I really want to use the picture on the cover. Help!

  • melinda

    I can't open this either

  • Amy Leach

    You are a life-saver! I am in charge of baptisms and this site is just what I need. I am not that savvy with computers and creativity, and I am glad that you have decided to share your talent with people like me! I know you are heaven-sent!

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