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by Amy Gomez from Oak Hills, California / ga01112009

I can't take credit for this idea, but it has worked wonders in our Primary the past couple of years. So, whoever came up with it...THANK YOU!

At the end of Primary (in the past we have done it at the end of Jr. Primary and Sr. Primary) we shut off all the lights and the children know it's time for the "Spotlight". The presidency member conducting gets out a flashlight and bounces the light around the room (like a spotlight) while everyone repeats this poem:

Spotlight, Spot bright
Spot a child choosing the right.
Search this room all around,
That special child must be found.

Spot a girl, spot a boy,
Spot a child filled with joy.
All of our children are precious and dear,
but today the Spotlight stops right HERE!

Then the light rests on a child that has been especially reverent that day. They get a mini-flashlight key chain (from Oriental Trading). We use this idea to help with reverence AND to spotlight a child each week. The children LOVE it!

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