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alt 14 days of Valentines (Similar to the 12 days of Christmas)  
alt Cute and Crazy Valentine Ideas by Laurie Farmer
alt Heart Attack - Cut out red-pink-white hearts...we use construction paper... glue them to strands of yarn about 5-6 feet in length. Then make a sign that can be taped to a door that says: You've been given a HEART ATTACK by .(your Visiting Teachers............... (your name(s) if you want or you can leave it anonymous...because YOU ARE LOVED! Scripture: John 3:16 written out at the bottom of the note. Shaped like a big heart too.  We would tape 5-10 strands to the door frame so that all they see is hearts when they open the door....and we would leave a small basket of candies and cookies at the door...tape the sign to the door & knock and run!  Fun to do to friends, neighbors, and Visiting Teaching sisters! (Idea by Sue in Tennessee)
alt Lotsa-Love Fest by Maria Eckersley
alt Love at home sign and activity
alt Play heart bingo with conversation hearts
alt Scripture Valentine's Activity by Linda Harper
alt Valentine's Dinner ~ A Country Hoedown 
alt We recently moved closer to family and this is the first Valentines Day that we got to do something fun for Nana and Papa. For a preschool lesson my son and I cut out a few dozen construction paper hearts out of red, pink and purple paper. On one of the hearts we wrote, "I gave Nana and Papa a heart attack" On another heart he wrote his Valentines Day message to them. On Valentines Day we waited for Nana to leave her house then we put the hearts all over her front door and porch. They loved their Valentines Day treat and he loved keeping the secret. This could be done to bedrooms, cars, and friend’s lockers or even done for a favorite teacher.  (Idea by Christy Davison / ga02192008)


alt Crafting Chicks
alt Let me count the ways...
alt Tip Junkie - [Page 1], [Page 2], [Page 3], [Page 4]


alt Valentine Bookmarks by Tara Larsen (Using John 3:16)


alt Mini Chocolate Candy Wrapper from - (1), (2), (3), (4)


alt Conversation Heart Cuties, Feb 2001 Friend


alt Candy Heart Picture Frame
alt Crafts, Puzzles & Stories
alt Crayon Hearts
alt Felt fortune cookies

alt Heart Stamps from Potatoes
alt How do I love thee?
alt I bought some inexpensive white pillowcases and ironed their name on it (in a heart font) then ironed on some words that represented qualities we love about them.  I'm sneaking them on their beds. (Idea by Mandy Heaston / ga02132009

alt Valentine Pillowcase Tutorial
alt Valentine's Day Crafts (Family Fun)
alt Valentine Flowers
alt Valentine Mail Pouch by Ang Kynaston


alt IPod Valentines
alt Let me count the ways

alt Maze Valentines
alt Rock Candy
alt Sweet Text Message
alt SUPER cute Valentine card!
alt Valentine Airplanes


alt Amazing Race - Valentine's Edition


Do-it-yourself Valentine Roses
alt Dress up Valentines (cute!)
alt Valentine Decorations


alt A Valentine Family Home Evening by Georgia Warren
alt Love/Service Family Home Evening by Melanie Day
alt The XOXO game by Marlaina Bair
alt Valentine Mail Pouch by Ang Kynaston


alt Family Valentine Ideas by Ellen Bahr
alt Family Valentines by AnJanette Broderick
alt On Valentine's Day each year I prepare a candlelight dinner for my family.  I get out the nice dishes and fancy glasses and flatware and set a pretty pink and red themed table complete with flowers and candles. The kids and my husband all look forward to our romantic family dinner each year.  (Idea by Teresa Lewis / ga02072009)


alt Don't eat cupid! by Brooke Campbell
alt Heart transplant - You have two teams and they transplant tiny red hot hearts from one bowl to another 10 feet away with hands allowed ..if they drop it they have to pick it up with the chopsticks.
alt Make sentences out of the conversation hearts and see who can get the most.
alt Matchmaker - Empty a bag of candy hearts on the table.  Set aside any unpaired hearts.  Play memory game by turning over the pairs so you can't see the words.  Mix them up.  Players take turns flipping over two hearts to make a pair.  If a player finds a pair, they get to keep (and then eat them).  They continue taking a turn until they miss. Player with the most pairs wins. 
alt Valentine BINGO
alt Valentine's BINGO Game
alt Valentines Checkers

alt Valentine Game Ideas by Heather Little


alt Valentine Hairdo's


alt Printable about love from Emma's Place


alt Beary Much in Love Sandwiches by Mandy Heaston
alt Healthy Heartfelt Lunch
alt Valentine Breakfast Surprise
alt Valentine Meatloaf by Debbie Loveland

alt Valentine Mystery Dinner


alt Click here for some more Valentine ideas and activities
alt Crepe Purses - Make crepes and set them aside to cool.  Once they are completely cooled, put various valentine goodies (chocolate kisses, truffles, or even whole strawberries) in the center of the crepe.  Using a thin, pretty, ribbon tie the crepe closed and gather like a package.  You could even use raffia. 
alt Cupid's Love Brew
alt Love Buckets (A Fun Neighbor Gift Idea)

alt Love Letters (Mailboxes)
alt Teaching the Importance of Love:  Get a hold of eight cups that fit into each other. The multicolored toddler cups will do. Then go to 2 Peter 1: 5 - 7 and label each cup with each thing Paul adds. Start with faith as the biggest cup and label each successive cup all the way to charity. There should be 8 cups and the smallest cup should be labeled charity. Next, go to 1 Corinthians 13:4 and get the 16 things that make charity. Label Popsicle sticks with each one thing and place them in the charity cup on top. A little flower glued to the top of each Popsicle stick makes for a nice flower arrangement. They look nice and show a simple way to go from faith to charity. Hey! maybe even back again. I make them according to a rainbow color arrangement. (Credit: Applesauce Kids)
alt Valentine Candy Gram

alt Valentine Sucker Tags
alt Whether you are in Primary or Young Women' could have everyone make Valentines for those not in attendance and mail them a few every day for a week.
alt Why I love you - photo books by Carey Miller


alt Valentine's Day Party Ideas


alt Cupid Doll
alt Cupid Poop
alt Love Bucket Poem:  
                                     This little "Love Bucket" is meant to express
                                     Love from a neighbor whom you'll never guess.
                                     Replace the goodie with a treat from you,
                                     And pass it on to someone whom you love too.


alt Valentine's Devotional


alt Valentine's Day Sharing Time Idea


alt Love Notes Tickets


alt God's Love For His Children by M. Russell Ballard, May 1988 Ensign


alt Candy Cane Lollipops
alt How to make an "I love you" cookie by Alison Fowler

alt Homemade Oreo Chocolates by Alison Fowler
alt Paper sleeves for Valentine Cookies - FUN idea!
alt Pizza Box Cookies by Shauna H. Hostetler
alt Take a holiday tin, like the small heart tins, spray cooking oil inside the washed tin.  Pour banana bread batter, brownies, whatever, in and bake it  right in the tin. Then put on the lid on them and hand them out in the tins. You could easily frost brownies in the tin if you didn't put too much batter in. (LeNore Merritt)


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