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by Debbie Davis / ga01052009

The bishop conducts the meeting, following the outline below:

1.    Conducting/Greeting and welcome – Bishop

2.    Pianist : (name)

3.    Chorister: (name)

4.    Song: “Onward, Christian Soldiers” (Hymns, no. 246) – Congregation

5.    Prayer: By invitation

6.    Presentation: “Priesthood: Power to Serve Others” –  Bishopric counselor to the primary

7.    Presentation: “Priesthood: Living a Christ-like Life” – Valiant 12 teacher

8.    Talk: “How Parents Can Help Their Sons Prepare to Receive the Priesthood”- Father of an 11 year old boy

9.    Talk: “How I Can Prepare to Receive the Priesthood” – Son of the father who gave the talk

10.   Presentation: “Priesthood: Personal Preparation” – Bishop

11.   Song: “Called to Serve”  (Hymns, no 249)

12.   Prayer: By invitation

The bishop or the 1st counselor then will take the company on a tour of the room where the sacrament is prepared and explain the duties of a Deacon.

The next stop is viewing the baptismal font and an explanation of what ordinance is performed there.

The final stop is the ward kitchen for root beer floats.

Here's the invite we used for Priesthood Preview  I just printed out the info and crafted it to a larger paper with eyelets, then added ribbon through two holes I punched out.

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