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alt The Family Game Show! by Becky Evans - fun game to teach "The Family is of God"

alt The Family is of God by Emily Fowers - Song Flipchart in black and white

alt The family is of God mashup with I am a child of God by Emily Sakievich

alt Camille's Primary Ideas

alt Mini Flip Book (pdf) for "The Family is of God" by Esther Sumner

alt Instrumental Accompaniment for "The Family is of God" for Violin by Ben Chan

alt Click here to open a copy of the sheet music (Printed in the October 2008 Friend Magazine)

alt PDF with graphics of sheet music from

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt Famillionaire by Jamee Talbot

alt The family is of God by Katie Matteson - Handout to help children remember lyrics

alt Lyric Mix-up by Allison Jessop

alt The Family is of God Video in German

alt The Family is of God flipchart by Jeanne Zimmerman

alt Flipchart for this song by Andrea Grover

alt Flipchart by Laura Leon

alt Flipchart by Karen Nick

alt Digital Scrapbook Page for "The Family is of God" from Scrap By Color

alt Video of "The Family is of God" from Singing A Song Is Fun To Do Blog

alt The Family is of God - Song Flipchart by Carrie Dziabczenko

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt Shari's Singing Time Collection

alt How to teach this song from Singing and Sharing

alt Flipchart for "The Family is of God" - (it will open in Microsoft Power Point) by Robert Mortensen.  He writes, "The pictures from Life Magazine are now available online for non-profit use. Pretty great stuff!" (ga12302008)

alt While the pianist plays the song, ask the children to close their eyes and think about something they like to do with their families. Teach the song's chorus first by having the children hum with the music. Ask them to listen for why God gives us families as you sing the first phrase of the chorus. Take responses, then sing the phrase together. Have them listen for the message while you sing the second phrase of the chorus. Sing the second phrase together and then the entire chorus several times.  Have the children listen and watch while you sing the first verse using actions. For example, when singing "It's me!" point to yourself; point to them when singing "It's you"; and make a hand motion to include everyone when singing "all others too." Teach the second verse by explaining that Heavenly Father designed the roles of a father and mother. In advance, make wordstrips of the words in the song that describe some duties of a father (preside, provide, protect, love, teach, lead). Display them out of order. Ask the children to listen while you sing so they can help put them in order. After doing this, have the children sing the verse a few times while you remove one word each time. Do the same in verse three for mother (care, prepare, nurture, strengthen, teach). Bear testimony that Heavenly Father gives us families to help us become who He wants us to be.  (Idea taken from the January 2009 Sharing Time)

alt The Family is of God Flipchart by Linda Mullins

 (Shared by Em / ga01192009)  My mom wrote another verse to the incredible, new Primary song "A Family is of God" for her grandchildren:

Grandma & Grandpa love me, too.
They're who can help me feel
the love of Heavenly Father.
They want me to learn
all the rest that's best
For me and for my family.

(then the chorus)

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