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by Ondrea Slade / ga12102008

Ondrea writes, "I wanted my Young Women to really feel the spirit of Christmas this year, so I sent the following e-mail out to them encouraging them to participate in a "Scriptural 12 Days of Christmas" (I also copied the e-mail to their parents so they could participate as families if they would like).  I got this idea from the Family Home Evening Resource Book and loved it.  What a simple way to fill our hearts for love for our Savior each day leading up to Christmas.  Enjoy!"

Hello Sisters!
I'm so excited about Christmas.  What a wonderful time of year!  May I suggest one way that you can invite the spirit of Christmas into your life this holiday season?  Consider participating in this "Scriptural 12 Days of Christmas".  Read the scripture assigned to each day and see if you become closer to Christ, more excited about the upcoming holiday, and happier than usual---I'll bet you will be! (Parents:  you can do this as a family also, but please pass this message on to your daughters as we do not have email addresses for some of them--thanks).

Scriptural 12 Days of Christmas

Day 1--Luke 1 26-38 (Start reading on December 12)
Day 2--3 Nephi 1:4-9
Day3--Luke 1:39-45
Day 4--2 Nephi 9:19-22
Day 5--Matthew 1:18-25
Day 6--3 Nephi 1:12-21
Day 7--Matthew 2:1-12
Day 8--Helaman 14:2-6
Day 9--Luke 2: 1-7
Day10--Isaiah 9:6-7
Day 11--Luke 2:8-20
Day 12--Isaiah 7:14 (Finish reading on 24 December)
I hope you will think about taking a few minutes each day to enjoy these scriptures.  May your heart be filled with love for your Savior at this special season!
I love each of you!


Sister Slade

P.S. - You can use this as an optional (write-in) Faith goal for Personal Progress.  Be sure to write your feelings in your journal after you have read all 12 days of scriptures.  I can't wait to use this for my own Personal Progress! :)

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