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ACTIVITY - Have everyone stand up.  Explain that you will do several actions such as clapping, shaking your head, touching your elbow, and so on.  The children must watch carefully.  They are to repeat your actions in the same order.  Begin with only one action, and add an action each time.  Challenge them to see how many actions they can follow. 

Use this to show that because Jesus was a perfect example that we too should “follow” Him and be baptized.

SONG - When Jesus Christ Was Baptized (p. 102)

In advance, prepare word strips with the following questions and post them on the chalkboard before you sing the song:

“What is the name of the river where Jesus was baptized?”
“Who was there when Jesus was baptized?”
“What do I follow when I am baptized?”
“How am I baptized?”
“What power is used to baptize?”
“Whose kingdom will I be a member of when I am baptized?”
“What will guide me every hour?”

(This song provides a wonderful opportunity to teach important doctrine through song.)  After the children sing the song, ask one question at a time and as the children respond, write the answer next to the question on the chalkboard.  If there is a question that no one knows the answer, sing the song again until the answer is given.

To help the children better understand what immersion means, have two children come forward and hold the string as shown.  Tell the children to pretend that the string is the top of the water in the baptismal font.  Have two children stand behind the string and pretend they are in the water.  Help them demonstrate how a person is to be baptized by immersion.  Make sure that the child being baptized bends all the way below the string.  (The above clipart and suggestion comes from Teaching Topics and Themes issued by the Church in 1984). 

 CRAFT IDEA - Jesus Christ was baptized - Tell the children you're going to see how much they remember from today's lesson by having them answer some questions.  Provide each child with a booklet and a pencil.

** Stephanie Kendall has made another craft to go along with this sharing time.  If you'd like to see her version, click here.

SUMMARY - Jesus Christ set a perfect example for us to follow and that we should try to be like Him.  Share your testimony.


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 You could teach Junior Primary "Jesus' Baptism"

Baptism — A Promise to Follow Jesus. 1982. Video adaptation of the filmstrip. Helps parents, teachers, and leaders prepare children for baptism. For use in Primary lessons on baptism, in Primary sharing time, at home, and in other appropriate settings. 9 minutes.


 August 2008 Sharing Time
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