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Where do you live? In the city? The country? A suburb? Do you live on an island or in the middle of a desert? Can you see mountains or an ocean from your home?

Who lives with you? Are you the only child in your family, or do you have many brothers and sisters? Do your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles live with you?

Did you know that before you came to earth to live, you lived in heaven with Heavenly Father? It was there that you, “with many others, received [your] first lessons in the world of spirits and were prepared to come forth [to the earth] in the due time of the Lord”.

But there were more than just lessons while we lived in heaven. Elder Gary J. Coleman of the Quorum of the Seventy says, “God’s plan included our premortal existence, the creation of this world, a time in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, and the fall of man into mortality” (Ensign, Feb. 1996, 15).

Show the picture from the Primary Packet of the Pre-Earth Life (click on the picture on right). This is one artist’s idea of what heaven is like.  Before we were born, we all lived together in heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We learned and grew as much as we could. But eventually Heavenly Father gathered all His children in a council and told us that to become like Him, we must leave heaven for a time. He would create an earth for us, He would give us the freedom to choose between good and evil, and He would show us the way to know what is good. He would provide a Savior so that when we sinned, we could repent and still return to Him.

We came to earth to gain a body and walk by faith. We can’t remember our home in heaven, but we can choose the right by following the example of Jesus, obeying our parents

Explain that Heavenly Father presented a plan for all of us to get a physical body and to learn to choose the right.  Heavenly Father told us during the Council in Heaven about a great plan of happiness. He said that an earth would be created; a Savior would be provided; and we would be given agency, or the freedom to choose between good and evil.

Q - Who knows who we followed? (Jesus Christ)

Some of the premortal beings did not want to follow this plan, and there was a War in Heaven.  In fact, 1/3 did not want to follow Jesus Christ.  (Have 1/3 of your Primary stand up to show how many 1/3 is).

Q - How do you know that you followed Jesus Christ?  (We chose to support Heavenly Father’s plan because we are here.  We were given bodies and sent to many different places on earth to learn about the Savior and to keep the commandments.)

 SING - I Lived in Heaven (pg. 4).  Make a number of cards with one of the following words written on them: Who, What, When, and Where. (CLICK HERE to open who, what, when, where printable).  Have the children pass the cards down the rows while the pianist plays the first line of the song. When the pianist stops playing, have the children who are holding the cards keep them. Ask them to listen while you sing, and to think of a question starting with the word they are holding that can be answered by the first line of the song. 

Sing the first line, have the children with the cards ask their questions, and have the entire Primary sing the answer. E.g., “Who lived in heaven?” (“I lived in heaven.”) “What did I do?” (“I lived in heaven.”) “When did I live in heaven?” (“I lived in heaven a long time ago.”) “Where did I live?” (“I lived in heaven.”)

Repeat the process for each line, but have the children holding the cards with questions that are being answered stand and sing the answer. If a card question was not asked (line 2 probably would not have a When question, for instance), those holding that card would not stand.

For the second and third verses, remove the When cards and substitute Why cards. The children with them might ask, “Why did Jesus give His life?” (“so we all could return there above”). Or, “Why was Jesus chosen?” (to conquer “evil and death through his glorious name”).

SUMMARY - Express your gratitude for your knowledge of living in a premortal world and for the opportunity to return to live with Heavenly Father after this life.


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