I was baptized on Dec.23rd,2010 after one of our state president wrote President Monson to see if I can be baptize because I'd been incarcerated & I had to get approval from him & his counselors. I attend the Jackson,Ms. branch. For 8 years I researched many religion & denominations to find the truth.I could not find all the pieces to God's plan until the missionaries showed it to me. I prayed & asked God is this the truth? I was overtaken my his spirit that everything I'd learned re: LDS is true.I was upset @ the prison system in Mississippi(M.D.O.C.) because many inmates who are hungry for the truth do not have access to the Book Of Morman.All of our info. have to come from the World Book Encyclopedia Britannica.Lately I've been writing to a inmate telling him about how I found what him & I was searching for. He is very excited to learned more.My question is have the LDS tried to ministered to inmates across the country?