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 Get to know your parent by Lizz White


Autumn Bennett printable
 Handout from Emma's Place
 Honor thy parents by Mirna Ramos
 How to improve your relationship with your parents by Erika Miller
Life. Design...and the Pursuit of Craftiness
Paper Cakes and Icing
 Show your parents you love them
 To improve my relationship, I will..... by Shyloh Belnap


 Honoring Parents by Kim Johnson
 Lesson Helps from 2 Share 2 Care and 2 Serve
 The Family that Plays Together Stays Together


 Parent Questionnaire by Sheri Stevens


Thomas S. Monson, “Be Thou an Example,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2005, 112. Use the section about honoring parents to supplement the lesson.
“Our Greatest Happiness,” Liahona, June 2003, 26; New Era, June 2003, 12. Use the quotes on parents for a handout or to introduce the lesson.

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  • Jenny Lay

    I read part of the Liahona article called "Establishing a Christ-Centered Home." by Richard G Maynes of Seventy. It has a link to the talk by the lesson on There is a story about comparing your family to a rope and if you are going to be a stronge strand to help the rope be stronger- as in helping your family be stronger. So I passed out the questionair at the end of lesson-about understanding your parents and I rolled it up and tied a piece of twine around it to represent the strand or rope.

  • Triciamom5

    Awesome idea jenny!!! :D

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