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Binder Cover - Front [pdf] [Word]

Binder Cover - Back [pdf] [Word] - I left the photo of the temple on the Word document.  You can remove the photo and insert your assigned temple in the same spot.  However, I have removed the temple from the pdf as it is not an editable document.


Comments (9)
  • Lipi Bagshaw

    How do we download the binder covers for the young women? The one by Shailynn Greenhalgh?

  • Dawn

    Can you update this to add virtue please!

  • Anonymous

    That is so nice i love the flowers and how it has a picture of a temple. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Megan

    I LOVE this one!!
    Can you make this one for me, but include virtue please?
    Thank You!!

  • L. Sue Sua

    Kudos with the other comments, cool cover, please update. Thank you much for sharing

  • Kalle

    Soooo, cute!!! I'm printing off four of these:one for myself, and three for the other girls in my presidency. Your awesome!!! ;-) -
    Kalle T. :lol:

  • Jeanne Wortham

    Love this! Could you update it and add virtue?:

  • Jade Stanton

    I love this all the girls asked where I got the binder covers and I gave them this website I

  • Guest

    I love this cover! It is so cute!
    Thank you!

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