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Embellish the Details
 Gift Box of Homemaking Skills by Mindy Terry
 Handout Idea from Emma's Place
 Handout Idea from The Idea Door
 Homemaking Booklet by Nancy Yang
Holy Handouts
 Homemaking is a divine calling by Melinda Wilson
 Organize Yourselves by Sara Christensen
 SPICE up your home
 The greatest work.... by Letha Mellman
 The greatest work you will ever do by Shyloh Belnap
We're making coupon booklets for moms and/or dads. It should help the girls realize all the things that go into making the home run smoothly. It's just a blank coupon "GOOD FOR" that the parent can fill in what they want help with. (Idea by Sid)


 2 Share 2 Care and 2 Serve
Added Lesson Help for this lesson
 Homemaking and Spirituality by Heidi
 I did the game where you put kitchen utensils in a container and they are allowed to look for 30 seconds and then I covered it.  They had a few minutes to write everything down. They really liked that. I also focused on getting themselves spiritually mature and working on their homemaking skills. I brought my favorite cookies and made a recipe card with the cookie recipe on it attached to a cookie cutter as a handout! It went very well. I also learned something. Both of these girls (I only had 2 out of 6 show today) mom's work and the girls do most of the cooking. I wondered how those working moms did it! (Idea by Leslie)
LDS Living
Lesson Helps from DebaNae's
Lesson Helps from Mormon Share
Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection
 Preserving Homemaking Skills - Handout from 2008 BYU Women's Conference
Some links for this lesson
 Wrap a box to look like beautiful gift. Have one of the girls open the lid to find it empty. Ask her if she likes the gift. "It's beautiful isn't it?" Discuss how it's not the kind of gift you would want to receive. Beautiful on the outside but empty on the inside? Is it the kind of gift you would like to give?  You wouldn't want to offer an empty gift to your on the important things now (like homemaking skills) so you can give him the same that you would expect back in return.


 As Sisters in Zion (Hymn Book pg. 309
 Each Life That Touches Ours for Good (Hymn Book pg. 293)
 For the Beauty of the Earth, (Hymn Book pg. 92)
 Love at Home (Hymn Book pg. 294)
 Teach Me to Walk in the Light (Hymn Book pg. 304)

PERSONAL PROGRESS HELPS: These Personal Progress Goals pertain to the lesson.  You could encourage the girls to work on one of these goals in the coming week.

 Good Works Goal 6, Knowledge Goal 2, Individual Worth Goal 5 Knowledge Goal 1, Knowledge Goal 5

RESOURCE GUIDE: (What is a resource guide?)

2012 Resource Guide
2009 Resource Guide


Thomas S. Monson, “Hallmarks of a Happy Home,” Liahona and Ensign, Oct. 2001, 2. Use the four hallmarks in the article to conclude the lesson.
Susan W. Tanner, “Strengthening Future Mothers,” Liahona, June 2005, 16; Ensign, June 2005, 20. Consider substituting the article for the lesson.

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  • Adriana Gianvechio

    I made this cute handout for lesson 7. Take a look!

    How do I submit things to the site?

  • farah

    Adriana, your handouts are nothing short of amazing! I can't believe all the time and effort you put into them. I won't even print them out even though you did all of the hard work because I don't want to cut them all out like you did!
    Your girls are so lucky to have you serving them.

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