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1. I can keep my covenant

2. I can be reverent during the sacrament

3. My Sacrament Book from Christy's Clipart

4. Handout from Emma's Place

5. Sacrament Time

6. Lizzie Remembers Jesus (pictures and story from the Apr 1995 Friend Magazine)

7. Sacrament Puzzle

8. Flannel Board Figures

9. Happy Clean Living

10. The Sacrament reminds us of our Covenants by David Hill (Power Point Presentation)

Comments (3)
  • Chrystal

    Thank you so much for this website. It is such a big help to my primary lessons!!

  • Diane Miller  - Sacrament book

    Very sad this page is not available.

  • Jennifer

    Heres the link to the sacrament book. sacrament_book.html

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