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by T.J. Eich / ga10212008

Our Primary presidency wanted a Baptism towel poem that gave some insight and inspiration but was still easy to understand. I wrote the following poem and wanted to share it. :)

My Baptism Towel

This towel will help to remind you
Of your glorious Baptism Day,
When you chose to follow the Savior,
To be righteous, and walk in His way.
When you come up out of the water,
So pure and so clean, without a sin;
Use this towel to dry and to warm you
And prepare for new strength from within.
A Gift from your Father awaits you,
By hands blessed with priesthood power.
The Holy Ghost can then guide you,
And direct you from hour to hour.
Sometimes you may not heed his warnings,
This Comforter whom God has sent.
That’s when you will need Christ’s Atonement,
So you can pray, fast, and repent.
Your Heavenly Father smiles with you
As you enter His Kingdom, His way.
This towel is a special reminder
Of the covenants you make today.

~T.J. Eich

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