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1. Ask you class what they know about Joseph Smith’s parents? Read Born of Goodly Parents to the class. Joseph Smith’s parents helped prepare him to be a prophet. Ask, "How are your parents helping prepare you to do what the Lord wants you to do?"

2. Give each child a piece of paper.  Trace their hand onto the paper and have them color and cut it out.  Then, tape down the middle and ring fingers to form the sign "I love you" in sign language.  Make in advance a small paper that can be glued/taped to the center of their hands that reads, "I will honor my parents because I love them."

3. Write a math problem on the chalkboard that is so difficult that none of the children can solve it.  Have them try to solve the problem.  Help them understand that they cannot solve the problem because no one has taught them how to do it.  Ask the class, "What do our parents help us learn?"  Write their answers on the board.  Help them understand that just like the math problem (point to the board), we cannot obey the gospel if we haven't learned it. 

4. Choose two children to pretend to be parents and another child to pretend to be their child.  Give the two parents a gospel subject and have them try to teach it to their "child". 

5. Review the song, "Teach me to walk in the light".  Read the lyrics to the class and discuss.  Sing it if time allows.

6. Handout from Emma's Place

7. Happy Clean Living

8. Latter-Day Chatter

9. I can be like the Stripling Warriors by..... by Patti Brown

10.  Our Parents help us Learn - by David Hill (Power Point Presentation)

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