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1. I am accountable for my choices by Melanie Day

2. Find the hidden 8's

3. Handout from Emma's Place

4. Baptism, A Requirement for Membership

5. Latter-Day Chatter

6. Happy Clean Living

7. The Age of Accountability by Christy Schreck-Leishman - Power Point Presentation

8. The Age of Accountability by David hill - Power Point Presentation

9. Alycia Skousen shared the following suggestions:

- Coloring Page of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's burying their weapons

- A very good application of 'burying our weapons' which teachers can use as an "enrichment" activity in class.

- Here's a game that can be played in class to help the children learn about accountability and repentance.

- Age of Accountability - Article and graphic from the Friend

- Sharing Time: I Am Accountable for My Choices

- Travis Learns about Repentance (booklet) - I put this into a Word document making a booklet that can be colored.

Comments (2)
  • Tabetha Elliss  - Treat idea

    The lessons suggests bring a bag of treats and giving them to one student to further the discussion about choices. An idea for the treat is to get Little Debbie mini donuts - put 2 individual donuts in a little bag to form an 8 with the note on the front of the bag "I'm accountable when I'm 8!". Have enough "8"'s for each child. If you use powdered donuts suggest that they wait until after they leave the church to eat them so as to not make a mess in the hall :)

  • Margo G  - Lesson 27

    Got a call early Sunday morning to sub the 5 year olds. Came to my go-to site...yes, Sugerdoodle and found so many things I could use to supplement the lesson. Thanks guys! Everyone who contributes to this site rocks!

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