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1. Primary 5 Lesson Cards (Handout Idea)

2. Tell the children that the Lord asked five hundred men to be in Zion's Camp, but only one hundred came.  Finally another one hundred men came to help.  Help the children understand that the Lord wanted five hundred men to come, but only two hundred men came.

3. REVIEW - Draw the following gameboard on the chalkboard.  Ask the children questions from the lesson.  As they get the answers correct they advance one square until they arrive.

4. Zion's Camp: February - June 1834

5. Have the children pretend they are men in Zion's Camp harnessing horses, hitching the horses to a wagon, fixing a broken wheel, trying to get a wagon out of the sand, trying to keep mosquitoes from biting them, walking, eating food they do not like.  (Have them act out each action).

6. Ask the children how far they walk to go to school every day or about the longest distance they've ever walked.  Tell the children the name of a city or a place one thousand miles away from where you are.  Have them look up in the chapter how far the people in Zion's Camp walked.  How would they feel if they had to walk a thousand miles.

7. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson

8. (Video Clip from Doctrine & Covenants and Church History DVD Presentations) - Lesson 27: Zion's Camp. Several events from the march of Zion's Camp show how it fulfilled the purposes of God. (18:35)

9. Handout from Emma's Place

10. Zion Camp Marches (Power Point Presentation) by Linda DiVall

11. Zion's Camp Marches to Zion by David Hill (Power Point Presentation)

12. Paper Cakes and Icing - handout idea

13. Happy Clean Living

14. Zion's Camp Wordsearch by Diane Brown

15. It's time for sharing

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