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 "Friend Me!" by Janica Tanner

 This year we did an early morning drop off to our girls. We made cinnamon rolls and dropped them off to the girls before seminary on the first day of school. Attached to the rolls we added a note that said "Have a really 'SWEET' start to your day! We are always thinging about your 'sweet' spirits and love you very much. Love you YW Leaders".  It took a bit of coordinating to drop off before 6:30am but the girls really loved the early morning surprise.  (Idea by mevans95)

 Annual Back-to-school breakfast

 Here's a cute little treat

 Back-to-school YW Survival Kit by Erin Bylund

 7-UPlifting ways to start your first week of school

Back-to-School Survival Kits by "Apples 4 Bookworms"

 Beary Great Year - School started today for our girls and on a whim I made a cute tag that said "Hope your first day at school was "GRAND" and that you have a "BEARY" great year. Lots of love and "SQUEEZES", signed by me. I put a small 100 Grand chocolate bar, a snack bag of Teddy Grahams, and a Kool-Aid squeeze bottle in a lunch sack and stapled the tag on the outside of the bag. I delivered them to the homes of all the girls so it was waiting for them when they got home.  I haven't heard from any of them yet but hopefully they'll like it. (Idea by Debi in Washington)

(Idea shared by Jana Ogden / YW Yahoo Group) - We just made back to school survival kits.  Each of the girls made one for themselves and then we took some to our less actives.  Putting them together only took about twenty minutes so the rest of the activity time was visiting.  I made tags for each of the goodies with a corny little saying.  Our first day of school was the day after our activity night, so we were able to find all our less actives at home.  Here are the goodies we used:

Notebook- Remember to be NOTEWORTHY in your actions
Pencil - Choose the WRITE
Eraser - Christ is available to ERASE your mistakes
Highlighter - HIGHLIGHT the good in those around you
Glue Stick - STICK to your values
Snack size snickers - SNICKER at yourself once in a while
Snack size crunch - CRUNCH in some time to serve those around you
LifeWater - Don't forget where to turn for LIVING WATER
Zinger - Hope you have a ZINGER of a school year

I picked up the school basics for super cheap at Walmart and Target.  Picked up the food items on really good sales and then we worked them into the goody bag. 

Hand Sanitizer by The Idea Door

 Sisters in Zion - A Back-to-School Activity Idea 

 Back-to-school favor by Colette Bomsta

 Back-to-school gift idea by Jen Johnson

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