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On the 1st day of Christmas
 Your secret elves bring a surprise,
 1 carton of eggnog
 For you to drink tonight!!
 your secret elves
 On the 2nd day of Christmas
 We leave outside your door,
 2 ornaments for your tree,
 Now who could ask for more?!
 your secret elves
 On the 3rd day of Christmas
 We welcome to spread good cheer
 With 3 Christmas stories
 At this wonderful time of the year!!
 your secret elves
 On the 4th day of Christmas
 We duck below your light,
 Leaving 4 cans of soda pop
 To make your spirits "Sprite"!
 your secret elves
 On the 5th day of Christmas
 Again we come your way,
 This time with 5 popcorn balls
 Please won't you let them stay?
 your secret elves
 On the 6th day of Christmas
 Much to your delight,
 6 Red and Green balloons,
 Oh what a beautiful sight!
 your secret elves
 On the 7th day of Christmas
 We hope we don't get caught,
 We know 7 pieces of candy
 Might really hit the spot!
 your secret elves
 On the 8th day of Christmas
 We hope they're your favorite kind,
 8 yummy donuts
 Who could have left them behind?
 your secret elves
 On the 9th day of Christmas
 Oh what a grand surprise
 9 pieces of delicious fruit
 Sitting right before your eyes!
 your secret elves
 On the 10th day of Christmas
 Our oven has been baking,
 Now we leave you 10 cookies
 We really had fun making!
 your secret elves
 On the 11th day of Christmas
 We leave a special treat
 11 chocolate kisses
 Because we think you're neat!
 your secret elves
 On the 12th day of Christmas
 Are the children nestled in bed?
 Here are the 12 candy canes
 To dance in their heads!
 your secret elves
 We hope these days of Christmas
 Have brought you lots of joy
 And made your holiday extra nice
 And made you shout "Oh, Boy!"
 We sure have had fun sharing
 At this special time of year
 We want to wish you Merry Christmas
 Because you are so dear!!
 Merry Christmas! 

With love...your secret elves.

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