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One of our most successful Ward Christmas Parties was a "Christmas in Nauvoo."  We researched what life would have been like in Nauvoo in December of 1843, which was to be Joseph's last Christmas.  We set up booths throughout the church as different buildings from Nauvoo and had different activities.  The dinner (we did stew and cornbread... the easiest meal we ever served) was served in the gym at the "Mansion House." There was also:

~ Stick pulling in the "Grove"
~ The children could make a tin punch ornament at the "Tin Shop" 
~ The High Priest group did a display on making bricks
~ We had a "Museum and Library" where people could bring things they had from or about Nauvoo
~ A place to write notes to our missionaries at the "Post Office"
~ Gingerbread for dessert at the "Scovil Bakery"
~ There was a special section for the Nauvoo Temple with a video playing about the rebuilding of the Nauvoo Temple. 

The idea was to have the program first, the break for whatever activities people wanted to do.  Of course we had most go straight to the food, but they mingled later.  We had a Nauvoo timeline stretched across the back wall and facts about each building by or in each room.  We also put together a program with narration and congregational singing.  We had a lot of comments about what an informational evening it was.  I loved being able to pull something from church history and put it together into a celebration. 

Here is a copy of the timeline, the facts, the program, and the assignments we gave to each auxiliary.  The bibliography at the end of the facts document is for all of the documents.

Nauvoo Assignments
Nauvoo Facts
Nauvoo Program
Nauvoo Timeline

Comments (4)
  • Janet Smith

    I do not see the bibliography mentioned in the comments above. Do you have the script available. Do you have specifics on the brick making displays?

  • Heidi Sims

    we will be doing this in our ward, but I was wondering what video you used and how can I get a copy?

  • Windy Harley

    Was able to see and print off navoo assignments but could not see any of the other documents. Help?
    Thank you!

  • Jacqueline  - Huge Success!

    As soon as I got the assignment to be in charge of the Ward Christmas party, I got online and googled Ward Christmas Party Ideas. Yours came up on Sugardoodle and I followed your ideas almost exactly!
    People said it was the best Christmas Party we ever did. We asked a tall blonde man to rent a costume and be Joseph and to stay in character all evening. The children were heard to whisper, "Joseph is here!" We had him sitting at a desk up on the stage and had him writing with a quill. When Porter came in, they acted that behind him and he called out "Porter". In the parts of the program where he was writing in his journal, he spoke the lines into a mike. Then at the end of the program he had written a song about Emma and he sang it. Finally he stood up and faced the audience and bore testimony, "This is the testimony, last of all which I give, that He lives, for I saw Him on the right hand of God..." It was so powerful, people were teary eyed eve...

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