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by Melanie Day

Opening Prayer
:  Assign

Opening Song: When We're Helping (pg. 198)

Scripture: Jacob 2:17

Story: Share the following story from the July 2004 Friend Magazine called, "Zucchini Bandit."

Clipart for story:  Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Q: How did Clay serve others?
Q: Whom did Clay serve?
Q: Why do we serve?

Tell the family that the thirteenth Article of Faith says that we believe in serving others. Have everyone stand, and help them say, “We believe … in doing good to all men.” (You may need to explain that all men means all people.)

Talk about how the zucchini multiplied fast and how this is like service.  When you do something kind for someone else, they in turn want to do something for someone else.  Briefly talk about Jesus Christ and how He was the ultimate example of service. 

Activity: Let the family discuss or act out what they would do in each of the following situations if they were trying to serve others (adapt the situations as necessary):

• You and your friend are playing a video game.  Your little brother comes in and asks if he can play too. 

• You have been at a friend’s house playing. You are very tired. As you walk into the yard you see your father working in the garden.

• As you come into the kitchen to get a drink, you see your brother washing the dinner dishes.

• You are walking with some friends. You see that a dog has knocked over a trash can in a neighbor’s yard and has scattered the trash around. The neighbor is away and won’t be back for a few days.

• You see a new girl in school and introduce yourself. The new girl asks you where you eat lunch. You had planned to eat lunch with your friends.

• Your family is getting ready to go to church. Your father has already left because he had a meeting to attend. You have several little brothers and sisters who need help getting ready.

Challenge: Tell your children that they may be given awards for getting good grades or for achieving 100 percent attendance, but when you do something for others, it can make you feel better than any award you might receive.  Challenge your family to show love for a friend, neighbor, or someone in your family by doing a secret service for them. Each time you do something in secret (set the table, put a bicycle away, shovel a walk, share a treat, etc.), leave a zucchini card (I printed six for each family member) at the scene of the action. Then see the happy smiles that your service brings. Each child can decide if they want to be anonymous or if they want to write their name of the back of the card.  Discuss ways in which family members could serve each other.

Closing Song: I have two little hands (pg. 272)

Closing Prayer: Assign

Treat: Zucchini Cake


 February 1982 Sharing Time
 July 2004 Friend Magazine - Zucchini Bandit
 Primary 2, Lesson 39

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